list of makeup brushes

Your Guide To Complete List Of Makeup Brushes And Their Applications 

What are the functions of makeup brushes? Do we require a certain number of cosmetic brushes? What are the best brushes to buy for makeup? Which makeup brush should we use in which situation? Knowing what makeup brushes you'll need and how to use them might be perplexing and intimidating. Today, we'll clear up all of your doubts by providing you with a comprehensive list of makeup brushes and their applications. It's insane how many options and pricing ranges there are! Even if you are an expert, the options might be daunting, especially if you are just a regular person trying to make sense of it all.


1. CONCEALER BRUSH - It's normally constructed of synthetic fibers and is fashioned like a paintbrush, but it's slightly denser and has firmer bristles. This makeup brush can be used to apply concealer beneath the eyes as well as cream eye shadow.

2. BROW BRUSH- You're looking for dense, firm bristles, just like with the concealer brush. This eyebrow brush is great for defining and filling in brows, as well as applying gel eyeliner. This brush is usually quite affordable.

3. BLENDING BRUSH- To apply eyeshadow in your crease, use this "windshield wiper brush." The softer and more blended the application is, the rounder and bigger the tip is. This is an excellent brush for novices as well as for blending out shadow, which is why the name "blending brush."

4. CREASE BRUSH- This is an angled variant of the crease brush, or blending brush, rather than a round one. You'll like the round variant, although they both accomplish the same goal. It's only a matter of personal taste. This makeup brush is a little more exact, and it makes placing a little easier if you're not sure what color to use for your crease.

5. PENCIL BRUSH- This pencil makeup brush is essential for achieving a soft and smokey shadow look, as well as putting liner and eyeshadow on the bottoms of your lashes. It gives a much softer and more flattering appearance than a pencil. This brush is tiny and has a pencil tip form.

6. FLAT EYESHADOW BRUSH- This brush is ESSENTIAL for perfect eye makeup application and one of the few brushes that you actually NEED. This brush is essential for laying down a flawless foundation for eyeshadow. You will obviously want a brush with dense, strong bristles and a thicker handle. For the best results, we recommend natural bristles.

7. EYELASH & BROW SPOOLIE BRUSH- This small spoolie brush is useful for taming brows and declumping mascara after application. These are reasonably priced, and we prefer to keep a few on hand. They're usually found on the other end of your brow pencil.

8. FLAT EYELINER BRUSH- This can be your all-time favorite brush for applying immaculate eyeliner that lasts all day. It's simple to accomplish and will transform your life.

9. LIPSTICK BRUSH- This is definitely not a must-have, especially if you're a gloss girl. When wearing a bold lip, however, it comes in handy, and it's also a great way to pack an extra application of a lipstick in your tote. Simply apply the lip color to the bristles and cover with the cover. We're ready to go!

10. FOUNDATION BRUSH- When it comes to perfecting your base, this brush is a must-have. Apply your product with a foundation brush and carefully mix it in circular motions. This ensures that the formula is rubbed in evenly and without creating a patchy finish.

11. STIPPLING BRUSH- This brush creates an airbrushed, perfect base with high definition results. Foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, and highlighters can all be applied with it. It's also great for putting liquid and cream products on. The brush's top has duo-fiber bristles, which provide a light, soft application that looks incredibly natural. These brush tips have a soft, feathery feel to them.

12. POWDER BRONZER, BLUSH CONTOUR HIGHLIGHT BRUSHES- Yes, one bronzer, blush, or powder brush could accomplish the job of several, but who has the cleaning them between each step (and don't even consider using just one brush and without washing it). To properly spread your powder pigments, use a bronzer or blush brush with long, fluffy bristles and a dome shape. It will pick up less product the fluffier it is (which is perfect when you want just a wash of color).


If you're a newbie, you only need three or four brushes: a flat eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, an eyeliner brush, and a blush/powder bronzer brush.


If you're just getting started and need entirely new brushes, we suggest buying one of the reasonable makeup brush sets listed below. This will be a fantastic starting point for you.
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