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    Round Cotton Puff Black Small

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    Loose powder application is a breeze with Proarte’s Setting Powder makeup puff. It has a band for easy use and the flat, flexible side quickly and easily applies powder to...

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    Round Cotton Puff Black Big

    Rs. 300.00 Rs. 240.00 20%

    Proarte’s powder puff was specially designed to be the perfect applicator for setting powder with a band for easy use. The makeup puff holds a soft luxe feel and texture...

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    Mini Strobes Sponge PS-51- Earthy

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    Designed and noted for being an edgeless makeup sponge perfect for skin care application, this quad pack from Proarte is designed to target smaller areas of the face and gives...

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    Makeup Sponge Wet and Dry Round

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    Similar to the traditional makeup sponges but thicker and larger. Soft and easy to wash and reuse! Nice soft buffed edges for easy blending.  It is great for powder, liquid,...

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    Proarte Dab and blend

    Rs. 150.00 Rs. 120.00 20%

    Makeup sponge for all kind of products foundation, BB Cream, powder, concealer, liquid, etc. Gives you a perfect makeup application. Dab it evenly to form a flawless base. Wet and...

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    Proarte Strobe and blend

    Rs. 150.00 Rs. 120.00 20%

    Makeup sponge for all kind of products-foundation, BB Cream, powder, concealer, liquid, etc. Gives you a perfect makeup application. Dab it evenly to form a flawless base. Wet and dry...

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    Blender Case PA-83

    Rs. 290.00 Rs. 232.00 20%

    The Beauty Sponge Protective Carrying Case is the perfect partner for your makeup sponge and protects your beauty sponge against dirt, fluff and bacteria. Inspired by the interlocking sides of...

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    Cleansing Palm Pad PA-84

    Rs. 325.00 Rs. 260.00 20%

    The Makeup Brush Cleansing Palm Pad makes cleaning your makeup brushes effortless. The raised areas of the pad helps to get your cleansing solution right into the brush for a...

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    Triangle Puff (Pack Of 2 Black & White) PA-88

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    The triangle powder puff covers every corner of your face. These puffs are designed in a triangular shape with circular ends and a strap for a comfortable grip. The circular...

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    Round Cotton Puff (Pack Of 2 Black & White)

    Rs. 210.00 Rs. 168.00 20%

    Proarte’s powder puff was specially designed to be the perfect applicator for setting powder with a band for easy use. The makeup puff holds a soft luxe feel and texture...

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    Ever wondered how to use a makeup brush or a makeup sponge, when it comes to applying makeup? A makeup blender sponge is a must-have in a makeup kit, whether it’s a fashionista, makeup artist, or a beginner. Beauty products makers, over the years, have initiated makeup sponges of various shapes, involving pear, triangle, and egg-shaped sponges. The various sponges are quite handy whenever required. That said, practice systematic handling and usage tips to get the most out of the makeup tools.

    Buy Makeup Sponge & Applicators Online in India

    Be it a powdered foundation or liquid foundation, wearing makeup evenly all over the face is not simple. This generally occurs because of wrong or ineffective applicators.

    This is where a beauty blender sponge comes into the picture. It is an amazing product that aids in applying or eliminating makeup in a hassle-free way.

    When shopping online, buy makeup sponge online from Proarte. Proarte makeup tools are perfect for liquid, cream, or powder textures.

    From makeup vanity boxes to makeup essentials, also check out Proarte’s other products that are a must-have. It comes in luxury packaging, is of excellent quality, and can be used for multiple purposes. Proarte cosmetic items are well worth the money and known for its best offers.

    Different Types of Makeup Sponges


    1. Powder makeup puff
    A powder makeup puff is not completely a makeup sponge, even though it is often labeled one. Use it to put powders, as the name says, and from only one side. They come in different fabrics and many variants relying on size and the amount of fluff it loads. For example, makeup puffs for applying loose powders are large and puffy; while a compact makeup puff goes best for pressed face powders.

    2. Beauty blend sponge
    A beauty blender sponge or a makeup blender sponge was crafted to apply and blend any cream or liquid makeup product onto the skin for a smooth, flawless finish. It’s called for its ‘unique aqua-activated foam’ and its sphere shape that can go almost every contour on the face. The beauty blender sponge is called for the perfect, flawless finish it can offer. To avoid the sticky feeling of foundation on all of the fingers, the beauty blender sponge is a great makeup applicator.

    3. Wedge-shaped makeup sponge
    Triangle wedges, round makeup sponges, and oval contouring makeup blender sponges often come into this category. They are thicker and firmer and tend to break more painlessly. Since they don't absorb a lot of product, they are called for heavy coverage. Often, there will be some videos showing drying up the under-eye area with disposable wedges, as they deposit a lot of product.

    Shop for wide selection of Makeup Puffs & Sponges online at Proarte

    Getting the best foundation, using it is great but if not wearing this correctly onto a prepped skin, there’ll be never going to get a perfect base. To help make a smooth foundation base, using the right tools is essential to blend nicely. For an airbrushed look, using a beauty blending makeup sponge can be recommended. With its soft surface, it painlessly absorbs and blends foundation onto the skin to make even coverage without any rough lines.

    Not just for creating an immaculate base though, Proarte makeup sponges have been ergonomically designed, with a rounded edge to dab and coat larger areas (read perfect for applying the base), as well as with a flatter side with an accurate tip to aid mask blemishes and flaws, and aiding to get precision for contouring around the cheeks, nose and under eyes for a wonderful complexion.

    Use the magic complexion makeup sponges to apply everything from powder, creams, and liquids, and for a smooth finish, try using Proarte’s makeup blender damp as this will aid to get an even more natural finish and reduce the amount of foundation the makeup sponge absorbs, that means less wastage (and cleaning).

    How to Use a Makeup Puff & Sponge?

    Make certain to wet the makeup blender sponge every time before use, specifically if putting liquid-based makeup, such as liquid foundation to make sure even application. Dampen the makeup sponge nicely and then squeeze out the excess water using a dry paper towel. That said, always dry the makeup sponge to make sure it isn’t carrying any moisture before use.

    When using a makeup sponge for makeup, dead skin particles, dirt particles, and oil stick to it, increasing the threat of skin breakouts and infections. Washing the makeup sponge once every week is not enough and users must execute the task after every use, without fail. To get free of both, prominent and minute dirt particles, run the makeup sponge under tap water, dry it using a soft paper towel, and opt for olive oil and a gentle soap to clean the body. Make sure the makeup sponge is not carrying back any moisture before storing it. Rubbing the sponge against the skin not only fails to get satisfactory results but can also diminish the makeup tool’s service life.

    To prevent this problem, experts suggest users practice what is generally known as the “stippling” method. Users following this technique must wash the makeup sponge nicely under warm water and bounce it along the skin mildly after certifying it is lacking moisture. Press the surface to set down makeup for a natural look. The technique aids in getting more coverage with less product, aiding to prevent wastage. Ignore storing the sponges in ziplock bags, as lack of sunlight and air makes diffusive conditions for the development of bacteria and other microorganisms.

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