Face Brushes

    Concealer Buffer Brush PF-08

    Rs. 400.00 Rs. 320.00 20%

    This go-to concealer buffer brush gently buffs, blends and enhances your concealer into the skin - for a natural effect. You can use this brush to seal any imperfections and...

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    Mini Angled Kabuki Brush AK-63

    Rs. 525.00 Rs. 420.00 20%

    Add Proartes mini angled kabuki brush to your arsenal that gives you precise application to your nose, inner corner of the eyes, cheekbones, and your temples. With an angled brush...

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    Focused Blush Brush PF-12

    Rs. 700.00 Rs. 560.00 20%

    The focused blush brush from Proarte gives a finished touch to your face, so that it provides shine and a glowing skin. It also recognizes the extra loose powder on...

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    Proarte Dab on Concealer Brush PF-01

    Rs. 290.00 Rs. 232.00 20%

    Whether you’re looking to cover the product on smaller concentrated areas, the synthetic brushes are perfect for focusing on specific areas that you want covered. It offers a more realistic,...

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    Fan Brush PF-09

    Rs. 475.00 Rs. 380.00 20%

    Get this classic must-have fan brush from Proarte for highlighting, offering soft definition and remove excess product without leaving traces. This brush gives you precise application of your highlighter on...

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    All over Concealer Brush PF-13

    Rs. 425.00 Rs. 340.00 20%

    Whether you’re looking to cover on the product under your eyes or cover up a blemish, the synthetic brushes are perfect for focusing small, specific areas that you want concealed....

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    Precision Fan Brush PF-56

    Rs. 490.00 Rs. 392.00 20%

    Get this classic must-have mistake-corrector fan brush from Proarte. This brush is small and firm for precise application of your highlighter on cupid's bow, brow bone, etc. If you’re applying...

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    Precision Face Contour Brush AF-11

    Rs. 800.00 Rs. 640.00 20%

    Give your face a naturally sculpted look with the Proarte’s precision face contour brush. It features soft fluffy bristles rounded at the edges that creates a precise contour application. Made...

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    Precision Powder Applicator AF-05

    Rs. 725.00 Rs. 580.00 20%

    When it comes to fixing setting powder at the end of your foundation routine, this small tapered brush head with soft fibers will help dust the product evenly on the...

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    Small Powder Brush PF-14

    Rs. 550.00 Rs. 440.00 20%

    If shiny or oily T-zones or under-eye creases are your main bother, Proartes small powder brush is the best solution. Its meant to extremely-lightly your liquid/cream foundations or polish and...

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    Pro Foundation Brush AF-03

    Rs. 725.00 Rs. 580.00 20%

    This pro foundation brush with synthetic hair is used to apply creamy and sticky foundation on your face. It goes well all over the skin and hides the uneven skin...

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    Proarte Mini Polishing Brush PP-16

    Rs. 525.00 Rs. 420.00 20%

    This mini face polishing brush from Proarte will flawlessly hug the contours of your face for easy blending. Its soft bristles ensure a streak-free application every time. Made using Goat...

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    Ever heard this saying before: makeup is only better if the right kind of face makeup brushes are used. It’s a fact: which tool should be used to apply makeup can have a significant effect on a polished look. And yet, the absolute amount of makeup brush options can be super affecting.

    The best way to place that long-packed makeup to better use is to spend on the right kind of face makeup brushes. Once all the right kinds of face makeup brushes are in the beauty arsenal, it’s time to unlock up to an entirely new beauty game.

    Best Face Makeup Brushes for Beginners

    All are responsible for spending several hours watching make-up videos and getting frightened by the number of tools used by experts to make that perfect look, particularly if it’s a newbie to the world of beauty. There is no denying that a complete face makeup brush set can win or lose the look, but that can be very confusing for a beginner to understand. Do not worry, Proarte here to offer the best face makeup brushes that must be included in the kit to raise the make-up game to the next level.

    Foundation Kabuki Face Brush
    A dense, round, flat-top face brush for flawlessly buffing liquid or cream foundation.

    Concealer brush
    This face brush is great for applying the product precisely around the nose, inner corners of the eyes, and lips, as well as removing any lipstick bleeds.

    Eyeshadow blending brush
    This face brush is a must-have if looking to take the shadow game to the next level in no time.

    What to Look for When Buying Face Brushes Online in India

    Face makeup brushes are a vital part of the makeup arsenal, so knowing how to shop for the right face brush is so essential. With the right tools (not compulsorily the most expensive ones), makeup will look great, but easier, and last longer.

    Fiber density means how many bristles are put into the ferrule (the metal ring that divides the bristles from the handle) of a brush, and it’s a key indicator of how a face brush will coat color onto the face. A thick brush will lead to a richer color outcome, while a brush with a lower fiber density will provide a softer application. Usually, eyeshadow brushes should be thicker than the face brushes used for blush or for blending. The best way to assess a brush’s density before purchase is to see it in person.

    The hair that makes up a makeup brush is either created of synthetic or natural fibers. Natural generally means that it’s come from an animal, like a goat, sable (i.e. weasel), or squirrel, which has long raised queries about how morally the hair is obtained. While natural brushes used to be favored because they were said to be softer and provide better color outcomes, the attitude has changed as technological upgrades largely enhanced the quality of synthetic tools.

    So, how to identify if purchasing a face brush is right? There's one easy test to identify a strong and premium-quality brush: Rub it against the skin. The bristles should feel smooth, not rough or scratchy. To test the durability of the bristles, run the brush against the hand to see if any fibers fall out. If they do, don't purchase it. If the bristles stay whole and feel soft, cheers! It’s perfect!

    Buy Face Makeup Brushes Online

    Looking for the best face brush online? Proarte’s products are made from excellent material that will ensure a seamless application, minimum effort, and silky finish. Choose premium- quality Proarte face makeup brushes online for flawless makeup application, but clean them with soap and water to keep them polished and sanitized at all times.

    Browse Proarte’s Collection & Types of Face Brushes

    A perfect base starts with the perfect tools. There’s a makeup brush for every occasion and every makeup look.

    Foundation brush
    A foundation brush is roundish and smooth to guarantee it lifts the right amount of product

    Concealer brush
    This face brush is a must to conceal the dark circles and blemishes

    Powder brush
    Much like the foundation brush, this is round but somewhat levelled and has to be very smooth so it will be easy to apply the powder gently

    Blush brush
    Bronzer, blush and powder brushes are alike enough that one could do the task of many.

    Proarte face makeup brushes are of premium quality, with a broad range of choices available when buying makeup brushes online. When shopping for the best face makeup brushes in India, look for all types of face makeup brushes Proarte carries. Proarte’s best face makeup brushes set online are the best bet for ideal makeup application. All Proarte’s face brushes are ideal for liquid, cream, or powder textures. With a broad range of beauty tools online, shop tools, and makeup brushes in the comfort of home.

    Besides a various range of face brushes, explore the ultimate collection of eyebrow brushes & eyebrow pencils, eyeliner brushes, and other eye enhancers such as eyelash extensions online to get glorious results and achieve a skin-like finish.

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