The Complete Beginner's Guide to Makeup Application


You're not alone if the step-by-step looked extremely difficult if you've ever seen a makeup instruction on YouTube or used a beauty hack on TikTok. Then what about the fundamentals of makeup brushes and how to use them for beginners? The most epic eyelid embellishments, wing-like wings, and negative-space eyeliner are currently all the rage.

Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial if you have a bathroom drawer full of makeup brush set and want to know how to apply them flawlessly.

Here's a step-by-step guide on applying makeup: 

Apply moisturizer first

It's crucial to moisturize morning and night, regardless of whether you have dry, oily, or mixed skin. Don't forget to use sunscreen in the morning as well. Before applying moisturizer, use your cleanser and toner (particularly necessary at night!). Next, provide a brief, soothing massage.

Give Your Primer a Pat

While a makeup primer isn't always necessary, it truly can help keep your makeup in place, especially on a busy or warm day. A good primer should enable uniform wear of your makeup across your face. In other words, the makeup won't evaporate or settle on the skin's surface when applied to dry skin, and it won't separate when applied to oily skin, like the T-zone. Look for a moisturizing makeup primer if your skin is dry. Choose an oil-absorbing or pore-blurring primer if you have oily skin. 

You should be aware that the sort of primer you use can impact how the foundation turns out. The base can appear more airbrushed and have a softer lit-from-within appearance with the help of a primer with a glow. In contrast, a primer with a more matte finish can give the base a velvety appearance.

Apply The Base

Depending on your comfort level, you can apply foundation with your fingers, a makeup sponge, or a foundation brush. Only apply little amounts with your fingertips, like a thin coating of BB cream or a lightweight liquid foundation.

Use synthetic makeup brushes to apply the foundation evenly for a look that is more full-coverage. The flat areas of the face should be covered first with foundation, then the T-zone should be covered with less foundation on the makeup brush. It will appear as though you are wearing less makeup.

Conceal The Areas You Want More Coverage For.

Similar to foundation, you may apply concealer with your fingers, a beauty blender, or a professional makeup Brush, although a makeup brush will give your makeup a little more full-coverage appearance. Nevertheless, a little concealer goes a long way. Really, all that has to be covered are the places you want to conceal.

To mask dark circles, dab concealer around your eyes, starting little and adding more as necessary. On the delicate skin around the eyes, concealer can become quite cake-like. Apply a little to any red or blemishes patches and wait a few minutes for the makeup to dry before adding any kind of powder on top.

It's crucial to understand the many varieties of concealers and the functions they perform. Creamy-textured concealers are more adaptable. Due to their ability to blend in perfectly with the skin, you can apply them beneath the eyes and on other areas of the face. Spots and blemishes are beautifully concealed by richer, heavier formulations, such as concealer in a stick or pot.

Use clean fingertips or a cosmetic sponge to pat in a creamy formula if you decide to use one. A precision concealer brush is a worthwhile purchase for richer stick and pot concealers. These enable you to add additional coverage in very specific locations. After applying these, gently dab the skin with your makeup brush to mix them in.

Bring Color Back To Your Face

Because it can be used to contour or just add a quick burst of warmth to make you look like you just returned from a beach vacation, bronzer is incredibly flexible. You should only put colour where the sun would naturally tan your face when using a contour to shape your cheeks and jaw. Pay attention to your hairline, nose bridge, and high points of your cheeks. Make sure not to pick a color that is too dark for your skin tone because contour should resemble the colour of the shadow on your skin.

Apply conventional bronzer using the continuous "3 shape" technique. Start at the forehead and tap off any extra powder from your makeup brush. Sweep beneath the cheekbone and move down toward the jaw on the outer edge of the face, moving rearward toward the hairline. Then, make sweeping motions around the jawline, which simultaneously enhance warmth and improve the bone structure. To create the sculpting effects, use a makeup brush that is tapered rather than rounded and still quite fluffy.

Highlight The Best Parts

Play with the golden and pink highlighters. Use a fan brush to layer on the glow or dab a tiny bit of product with your finger to your cheeks, brow bones, and cupid's bow.

Try Different Eyeshadow Looks

Although there are many ways to apply eyeshadow, there are a few fundamentals to keep in mind. As a basis, choose light hues that go well with your skin tone. Darker color curves the eye and gives it shape and definition. Shades in between are used to help the lids blend the two colors together.

The shimmer, too? To make your eyes appear large and dazzling, add it to the inner corners of your eyes.

Use Eyeliner Pencil To Define Your Eyes

To make a fuller lash base, it can be dabbed in spots in between the lashes. Of course, a crisp or smeared liner can be used to define the area around the eyes.

Apply Mascara

When applying mascara after curling the lashes, start at the root and work your way to the tips. The result is a thick, black lash line at the lash base.

Put Some False Eyelashes On (Optional)

Start by lining the upper lash line with eyeliner. This will serve as a guide for you and improve the final appearance. For a softer effect, apply pencil liner; for a refined finish, apply liquid liner.

Curl your eyelashes next. If you can, gently warm up your eyelash curler in preparation using a hair dryer set to extremely low heat. The curl will be stronger and last longer as a result.

Put On A Layer Of Mascara

  • Measure the strip lashes along the eyelids after gently removing them from the packet with tweezers. Cut the lash strip to fit your eyes (small sanitized nail scissors should do the trick).
  • Apply a light coating of eyelash glue to the band using a cotton swab.
  • The following step is crucial: Add an extra dab of glue on the inner and outer ends of the lash with a little extra adhesive.
  • Wait for the adhesive to get sticky, which should take around 30 seconds.
  • The eyelash should be applied as closely as possible to your natural lash line.
  • The inner and outer corners of the lashes should be pressed down after the middle.
  • Finally, use a lash applicator or tweezers to secure your natural lashes and the artificial ones together. 

Line Your Lips 

Lip contouring with a lip liner pencil can also extend the wear of your lipstick. After lightly blending in the remainder of the lips, line the lips to create a contour. Lipstick added on top gives lips a plumping 3D appearance. In addition, rather than bare lips showing through as the lipstick fades, the liner does. You could even apply lip gloss to finish it. Apply lipstick to the lips by lining them first with a lipstick brush or directly from the lipstick's bullet.

Set Your Makeup

After all that effort, setting powder, setting spray, or both are recommended to keep your best makeup in place all day. Your formula of choice will depend on your skin type and how long you need your makeup to last. Any fluffy brush will work to set it.

Tap off any access on the back of the hand after working the product into the puff. Once you've achieved the desired matteness, roll the puff over the area where you want to set your makeup. Consider your oiliest areas or the areas where your makeup wrinkles, such as the area beneath your eyes and the T-zone. Setting spray is an excellent alternative to powder if you want your skin to seem less matte and more natural.

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