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Five Great Reasons To Use Lip Pencils

The lip pencil is more than just a specialist. It extends hold, protects leaks, and beautifies the volume of your lips, and much more. Here are five great reasons to include one in your cosmetics pack.


Lip pencils are the culminate device for adjusting small blemishes and faultlessly redefining your lips. Selecting the right one is vital. A line that’s too dark or too thick will rapidly demolish the impact you’re going for. Utilize a dry, well-sharpened pencil in a shade that's one or two tones darker than your lipstick. Make beyond any doubt the tip of your pencil is well moisturized so it coasts delicately over your lips. Following, draw a line from the middle of your upper lip—at your Cupid’s bow—to the corners, taking after your natural lip line. Now, essentially apply your lipstick, ideally, with a brush. This will assist you to follow the contour of your mouth and blend the lipstick with your liner.

Tip: For a natural look, eschew pressing too hard on the pencil. Instead, lightly line your lips with small strokes.


Lip liners can be utilized for more than outlining your lips. Since they’re ultra-matte—sometimes indeed more than matte lipsticks—you can moreover apply them to your whole lip. Then, run your finger over your lips to spread the product out and even out the finish.

Tip: The secret to an excellent matte mouth: soft lips! You don’t need to apply liner to chapped lips. A bit like with matte lipstick, liners tend to create dead skin stand out. You'll dodge this by exfoliating your lips once or twice a week and moisturizing them routinely with a balm.


Lip pencils are helpful partners for plumping up your lips. Essentially outline your lips with a liner within the same color as your lipstick, gently and normally complementing the contour by no more than three or four millimeters. 

Start along with your lower lip before working on your upper lip. Be careful to symmetry and properly follow your Cupid’s bow! Next, gently blend the contours to guarantee the line looks natural, and after that fill within the interior of the line along with your lipstick. If you need to improve the plumped impact, include a touch of lip-gloss to the middle of your lips on the beat of your lipstick and you’re great to go! 

Tip: For good results, put a thin coat of foundation or concealer on your lips before applying your color.


Here’s the best-kept secret of proficient cosmetics specialists: in addition to using a lip liner to even out your lip color, you can exert it as a base to intensify your lipstick’s hold. The liner’s powdery texture carries the pigments and prevents the lipstick from bleeding into the fine lines and corners of your mouth.

Tip: Select a lip liner that’s the same color as your lipstick, and apply it with cross-hatching over your whole lips before applying your lipstick.


There’s nothing more awful than a lipstick that runs into the fine lines around your mouth. Once once more, lip liner can spare the day. Much obliged to its surface, it serves as a barrier for your lipstick or sparkle, preventing it from bleeding. Naturally, owning well-moisturized lips will also make your lipstick stay longer while applying loose powder to your lips before putting on makeup will aid to keep your lipstick where it belongs and prevent it from running.

Tip: You might not want to own an array of lip pencils to suit all of your lipsticks. If that’s the case, you can use colorless or skin or nude-colored pencils. They go with everything!

Presently that you just know why you wish to utilize a lip pencil, here is how to apply lip liner to have a rare-but-intense pout each time –

  1. Always prep your lips in advance by exfoliating and applying a lip balm to avoid dry and chapped lips.
  2. Choose a lipstick that corresponds to the color of your makeup or the shade of your lips. You can also use a transparent lip liner if you do not have an exact match.
  3. Before using, make sure your lipstick is sharp and provides precise lines.
  4. Start by drawing an X-shape on Cupid's bow to emphasize its shape. Then draw a short-stroke, connecting the top of the X to the corner of the mouth and drawing along the natural lip line.
  5. Use a very light hand to gently pull the stroke to avoid tight lines.
  6. For the lower lip, start contouring from the center and move to both sides with the same short stroke.
  7. Fill your lips with a lip liner to create a smooth and even base for your lipstick. If you don't want to color the entire lip, blend some of the lipstick shades inward towards the center of the lips so that the rest of the lip makeup products blend seamlessly with each other.
  8. Clean the edges with Q tip for a clearer look. You can also apply foundation or concealer around your lips to enhance the color!

We hope you believe that the lip liner hype is genuine. So stop waiting and add lipstick to your cart today and get ready to rock your favorite lipstick shades.