Eye Lashes

    Premium Eyelash - 001

    Rs. 200.00Rs. 100.00

    The Proarte's premium false eyelashes gives a fluttery, eye-widening effect to any look. The lashes are made with ultra-light synthetic fibers. This false eyelashes can be reused up if they...

    Premium Eyelash - 003

    Rs. 200.00Rs. 160.00

    The Proarte's premium false eyelashes are fluffy and look universally flattering on all eyes. These high-end false eyelashes seamlessly blend with your natural lashes and give perfect length and volume....

    Eyelash Glue Dark Tone

    Rs. 300.00Rs. 240.00

    Black adhesive for natural blending Latex-free Waterproof Long-lasting hold   Directions to use: 1) apply a thin line of adhesive on to the band of the false eye lash. 2)...

    Eyelash Glue ( Clear Tone )

    Rs. 300.00Rs. 240.00

    Black adhesive for natural blending Latex-free Waterproof Long-lasting hold"   Directions to use: 1) apply a thin line of adhesive on to the band of the false eye lash. 2)...

    Premium Eyelash - 006

    Rs. 200.00Rs. 160.00

    Proarte's premium false eyelashes are the most durable false eyelashes. This lashes are made of synthetic fibers that are comfortable to wear. They are dense, flexible, soft, lightweight, and safe....

    Eye Lash Glue

    Rs. 250.00Rs. 200.00

    Black adhesive for natural blending Latex-free Waterproof Long-lasting hold

    Premium Eyelash - 005

    Rs. 200.00Rs. 160.00

    Proarte's premium false eyelashes delivers drama, minus the mess. This lashes are volume-packed and take your average lash to a whole new level. Get ready for full red carpet glam...

    Premium Eyelash - 002

    Rs. 200.00Rs. 160.00

    The Proarte's premium false eyelashes are very comfortable eyelashes. It gives a very natural and finished look to the eyes that makes them comfortable to wear daily. Moreover, these falsies...

    Glamify Eyelashes PA115

    Rs. 275.00Rs. 220.00

    Best quality natural fibers, this is a great pick for the beauty enthusiast, too. Whether you want super-natural or super statement-making, there’s a lash for that; full and fluttery without...

    Premium Eyelash - 004

    Rs. 200.00Rs. 160.00

    Give your eyes a more natural vibe with this Proarte's premium eyelash. The hair on this strips is delicately tapered, shaped, and spread out to give you natural look. Plus,...

    Premium Eyelash - 007

    Rs. 200.00Rs. 120.00

    The Proarte's premium false eyelashes are super easy to apply and is great for applying at the edges to add a bit of wider extension. This eyelashes is very soft...

    Premium Eyelash - 008

    Rs. 200.00Rs. 120.00

    The Proarte's premium false eyelashes are fluffy lashes. The thickness of these false eyelashes draws attention to your eyes, and adds beautiful drama. It's synthetic lashes are lightweight and offers...

    From strips and clusters to glues and applicators, there’s no denying that the world of false eyelashes ranks pretty high concerning difficulty (or at the least, scaring), right up there with winged liner and flawless contouring. Looking to give false lashes a try but have no clue where to begin, this information will take through everything that must be taken into consideration..

    How to Apply False Eyelashes Perfectly?

    Individual lashes can be worn in the same way to strip lashes. However, since the bands are already much shorter, there’s no need to do any trimming.  Instead, omit the glue stage. Rather than putting glue to the lashes, it becomes simpler to take hold of the lashes with the applicator, and then immerse this into the glue. Place the false lashes onto the lash line, just above the real hair, and press them into place.  Cluster lashes are applied in the same way to strip lashes, with a precise amount of glue being passed out onto the band before putting this over the lash line and pressing in. Wearing a small amount of mascara at the roots of the cluster lashes, as this will uplift to blend in more uniformly with the natural lash hairs.

    How to Choose the Right False Eyelashes Online?

    Mastering eye shape will aid in working out the best make-up to match the face, but how to decide the shape of the eyes? Get a mirror to look at the overall eye and judge its profile.

    Is it the whole iris (the colored bit around the pupil) or is part of it hidden by the lid? Think about if the eyes tilt upwards at the sides and how much space lies between them in the middle. Lastly, look at the crease of the eyelid and notice if it's visible with the eyelids open. Getting to know the eye shape is just the first step, now required to select the false lashes. With a developing range of falsies available, Proarte has high-quality false eyelashes to choose from.

    How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

    Although lash extensions are costly and time-consuming to apply (one to two hours depending on the desired volume), with proper care, they can last up to six weeks. Extensions will fall out at the same time as natural hair, which is usually every six to eight weeks. Refills, which are recommended every two to three weeks, are a great method to extend the life of the lashes.

    Buy False Eyelashes at Proarte in India

    Desired for having "look-at-me-lashes," then it's time to spend on an admirable pair of false eyelashes. It doesn't matter whether to provide the lash line a little uplift with a real-looking set or favor the look of extreme sensational lashes, falsies are the simplest way to raise the chic factor on any charm look without loading on layers and layers of mascara. Proarte not only helps the eyes look more defined and glamorous but also helps build up the natural lashes. Not only Proarte’s false eyelashes are incredibly lightweight and natural-looking but also get fixed to a clear flexible band, making it effortless to apply and look invisible against any skin tone. Proarte’s falsies aid makes the eyelashes appear longer and fuller in a very natural way, and can painlessly change into a more glamorous look for glitzy nights out.

    Proarte Offers the Best False Eyelashes Online in India

    There is no doubt that eye makeup products like mascara aid intensify the natural lashes, but once pair them with false eyelashes, there is no going back. The rich, flicker lashes can enhance extra beauty to the makeup that is otherwise difficult to get. Looking for false eyelashes at the lowest price in India, shop for Prorate false eyelashes that transfigure the eyes and enhance the volume of the lashes. Proarte’s high-quality and easy to put on, Proarte will help find the right pair of false eyelashes that fits the eye shape in the best way possible. There’s so much to offer at Proarte and can’t wait to assist with getting the KOL products soon! If planning to buy false eyelashes online, without any struggle of reaching the different shapes and sizes, then that’s the perfect match! Whether looking for light, heavy, medium-density false eyelashes, now get them all at Proarte. The great part is they don’t look heavy on the eyes, give a natural look, and are of premium quality. Use them for so many different kinds of occasions or events and they can provide a lot of wear when maintained with proper care. So what to wait for? Shop for a wide collection of the best false eyelashes in India from Proarte that not only can buy false eyelashes online but can also make space for other high-quality makeup products in themakeup vanity box. Shop online at the Proarte without any struggle. Proarte makes sure to offer the most original and safe makeup products at the doorstep. Shop with Proarte and store the makeup box with high-quality products.

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