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    Violet Gem Eye Pencil

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    The Proarte's water-proof eye pencil is one of the best eye pencil that helps to create a number of eye opening effects, from simple thin lines to bold dramatic looks....

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    Eyebrow Pencil

    Rs. 300.00 Rs. 240.00 20%

    Trace the contours of your eyebrows with the classic Proarteƒ??s incredible eyebrow pencil to fill the brows with impressive color. The matte formulation fills in flawlessly for a perfect look....

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    Gold Streak Eye Pencil

    Rs. 300.00 Rs. 240.00 20%

    This creamy water-proof pencil from Proarte delivers all the drama to your eyes, blending out flawlessly smooth lines or a soft, smoky cat-eye. Its highly-pigmented shiny gold color, long-lasting wearability,...

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    Olive Shimmer Eye Pencil

    Rs. 300.00 Rs. 240.00 20%

    The beautiful texture of this long-lasting, gel-based waterproof eye pencil from Proarte gives your eyes shimmer-rich olive colour in a single stroke. It's intensely pigmented formula will never disappoint you...

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    Brilliant Bronze Eye Pencil

    Rs. 300.00 Rs. 240.00 20%

    Buy this amazing waterproof, super long wear, no transfer and smudge-proof eye pencil from Proarte. The universally flattering bronze shade will give your eyes a subtle, balanced, and natural look....

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    Pencil eyeliners have the power to act astoundingly for appearance. It can enhance the natural color of the eyes and even change the overall shape. Eyeliner pencil can be a soft and lovely touch for a day out with friends, a gorgeous and elegant statement for the night in the city. Black eyeliner pencil is a staple in everyone's makeup vanity bag, and there's no shortage of alternatives, but choosing the best formulas is no simple task. Many of them wrinkle and smear quickly, making mastering a strong cat eye a terrible hope. Proarte has got the best picks to make it easier to sort through all of the options. Now discover Proarte’s best eyeliner pencils out there that'll glide like a dream and make all of the eyeliner look like a long-lasting reality.

    Which Eyeliner Pencil is Best?

    Finding an eyeliner pencil at Proarte is about as easy as spotting a cloud in the sky on a rainy day. Almost every cosmetics company has one, but they aren't all made equal. Proarte’s eye pencils possess the look and feel just as vibrant and smooth as the rest. Consider this shopping list for the most vibrant, long-lasting, sparkly, and pigmented formulations available. All of them are simple to apply, and none of them will vanish until the woman wants to remove them with makeup remover before bed. One of the best things about this easy-to-use pencil eyeliner is that it's waterproof, so the women won't wind up with black raccoon smudges under their eyes after a few hours. It's also resistant to sweat, tears, and moisture, so it'll last all day. In seconds, the correct eyeliner pencil can transform a normal girl into a stunning vixen, and vice versa! It all depends on the look the women want to achieve. If going for a laid-back, daytime look, opt for a Proarte’s brilliant bronze eye pencil along the outer half of the upper and lower lids. This will make eyes ultra-fine pop without appearing too dramatic or harsh. If looking for more dramatic for a more sensuous, midnight vibe, then draw a thicker pencil line along the top lid and a thinner line down the bottom lid, meeting at the eye's outer corner with the Proarte’s midnight eye pencil.

    How to Choose the Best Eyeliner Pencil?

    Here are a few tips so that it will be easy to buy the right kind of pencil eyeliner based on the kind of effect: • Choose a classic pencil liner that can produce a delicate natural line along with the eyes in the simplest way imaginable. These pencil eyeliners are water-resistant, ensuring that the eyes stay in immaculate condition all day! Check out the following guidelines before deciding on an eyeliner pencil color: • Want some pre-low-maintenance appearance? Choose a taupe or a neutral brown color • Choose a basic black or brown (in a dark tone) eyeliner pencil for simply deep and dark eyes • Want an eyeliner pencil to have a dramatic effect and be the focal point of make-up? Make a statement with a metallic eyeliner pencil • Invest in a white eyeliner or softer tones of silver and gold if the women desire the eyes to appear larger than usual while attending an evening party

    What to Avoid When Applying Pencil Eyeliner

    Here's how to apply eyeliner flawlessly while avoiding some minor blunders. Broad Strokes Broad eyeliner appears heavy and makes eyes appear smaller. Always strive to draw a thin, narrow line above the eye to make the face look beautiful, light, and subtle If the pencil is too dry, don't use it Dry cosmetic items tend to break on the face, so avoid using a dry pencil on the eyes Make use of smudge-free products It's crucial to use good eyeliner. It is not always the case that an eyeliner pencil price tag reflects its quality; in addition to the price, always consider the quality and effects that a certain eyeliner provides

    Buy Pencil Eyeliner Online at Best Prices in India

    Proarte is the place to go if seeking the greatest eyeliner pencil brand. On Proarte, get the greatest eye pencil prices but also a wide selection of the best pencil eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner is a versatile tool that is available in a variety of formulas allowing to create whatever look desired. Fortunately, Proarte has the best pencil eyeliners available, which come in a variety of textures, shades, and applicators to give eyes definition and make them pop. Proarte high-quality pencil eyeliner looks the woman desires. Now change up the style and play with fashion with professional Proarte’s eye pencils. From waterproof, smudge-proof to glitter or metallic eye pencils, there's something for everyone. Proarte eye brushes are good for wearing all types of eye makeup. Besides a various range of eye brushes, explore the ultimate collection of eyebrow brushes & eyebrow pencils, eyeliner brushes, and other eye enhancers such as false eyelash online to get glorious results and achieve a skin-like finish.

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