Keeping your makeup on point is a little tricky with Monsoon around the corner. The humid and moisture content in the air tends to smudge and disrupt your well-balanced makeup. Monsoon is the right time to curate your makeup stash and switch over to waterproof makeup. With tons of makeup products in the market, the process of figuring out the essentials becomes a hectic task. So, to save you from all the hassle, we have mentioned some of the must-know Monsoon Makeup tips in this article for all makeup enthusiasts out there. Keep reading!

  • Keep Your Skin Moisturized

During Monsoon, the weather is so humid and dry. High humidity affects the skin, so it's important to use moisturizer and primer. Using an effective moisturizer is the best way to keep your skin plump and shiny without drying during Monsoon. As soon as you cleanse your face, you can apply a supple amount of moisturizer and let it absorb into your skin before you proceed further. Then you can go about using your primer. Primer plays a vital role in prepping your face before starting your makeup routine. Without a suitable base like primer, your makeup will not last long with all the humidity around.

Switching to a waterproof foundation will definitely keep your skin with the perfect makeup irrespective of rain or monsoon changes. The perfect blend gives you an exceptional matte finish and complete coverage. But applying your foundation in the right way also matters a lot. You do not want your makeup to be cakey and artificial. Be extra mindful when you choose your blending accessories. Proarte's Pro Foundation brush is our expert pick to make your task easier.

  • Flaunt picture perfect eyes with waterproof mascara and eyeliner

Eye makeup is the one that will make you stand apart in the group. From bold black eyes to a basic sheer look, you can do wonders with eye makeup products. Apart from your base and foundation, you also need to switch your standard eye makeup products to waterproof eye makeup.  Without it, the chances of you experiencing the disaster of having your perfect eye makeup smudged all your face are very high. Pick out the best waterproof mascara and eyeliner to make your eyes look dazzling.

Mascara gives you the much-needed volume to your lashes to make your eyes the focal point of your face. At the same time, the right eyeliner will enhance and give more definition to your eyes. You can create a whole lot of eye looks of your choice using these waterproof eye makeup products. To add more depth to your eyes in creating the much-desired smoky eye look, you can use the Eye Pencil. Being waterproof, this pencil comes with a gummy blender on the side, which will help you create the look of smoky eyes quickly with a lot of precision. This two-in-one pencil is the perfect choice to flaunt your picture-perfect eyes even during Monsoon.

  • Rock Monsoon look using Matte lip tints in soft shades

While Monsoon is all cloud and rainy, going all bold lips might not be the right choice. You can rock the monsoon look using Matte lip tints in soft shades. Pairing along with a bold eye, pale pinks, and mauve shades will definitely make your lip pop as one of the best features of your face. Lip tints are one of the best options to rock Monsoon. You can also go for liquid lipsticks for a deeper and long-lasting effect. As the liquid lipsticks are naturally waterproof, they can be your best way to stay away from smudge and unnecessary reapplication. You can go about your errands trouble-free without even considering retouch.

Another wonder product you must have to ace Monsoon is the Mauve Crush Lip Crayon. One of the best-selling shades in the market, this mauve is the favorite of many lipstick fans. It gives you rich pigment with a sheen finish and long-lasting waterproof quality. Get your hands on it soon.