Eyeliner is arguably the most difficult part of your overall makeup routine. You may be in great danger. After all, it can ruin the eyeliner and even the eyeshadow and the concealer under the eyes. If your hands are shaking, but you need a definition that can be provided in this important step, pencil eyeliner is the way to go. Here are some tips and tricks to explain when to use pencil eyeliner and how to apply it.
Applying Pencil Eyeliner, Step-by-Step
Now that you know what you can do with a pencil liner, let's take a closer look at how to apply it. Follow the step-by-step guide.

How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner to Your Upper Lash Line

Step 1: Choose the right color.

Which eyeliner color is right for you depends entirely on your personal taste. As a general rule of thumb, black eyeliner produces a more dramatic effect, and brown eyeliner provides a more neutral one. You can even think outside the box with a colored eye pencil. These are really fun and easy-to-use statement looks.

Step 2: Prep and prime your eyelid.

The only downside to pencil eyeliner is that it usually doesn't last as long as other types of liner. Wipe off excess oil from your eyelids and use an eye primer to make the liner last as long as possible.

Step 3: Apply your eyeliner.

Gently pull in the eyelids and put the liner little by little, from the center of the eyelids to the outer corners of the eyes, as close as possible to the line of the lashes. Use the tip of a pencil for very thin lines and the side of the pencil for thick lines. After joining all the strokes to the smooth lines, move the pencil to the inner corner of the eye and use the same technique to fill the liner from the inner lash line to the center.

How to Put Pencil Eyeliner to Your Lower Lash Line
Once you have a smooth line along the upper lash line, you can either leave it alone or go down to the lower lash line for a more dramatic effect. This is ideal if you want smoky eyes.

Step 1: Clean up your lower lash line.

Usually, apply eyeshadow and liner to the upper lash line, then apply pencil liner to the lower lash line. Make sure there are no fallouts around the lower lashes. If so, gently wipe with a cotton swab and start with a fresh, clean base.

Step 2: Apply your eyeliner.

Apply the liner little by little from the center of the lower lashes to the outside in the same way as the upper lashes. When all these strokes form a smooth line, return to the inner corner of the eye and make a line from there towards the center.

How to Put Pencil Eyeliner to Your Waterline
If you want to waterline your eyes with water, there is no better liner than an eye pencil. This is a great technique especially if you have small eyes or hidden eyelids. If you choose to apply only along the waterline (sometimes referred to as tightlining), it will not occupy eyelid space and will give you more space for eyeshadow. Tight lining can also be included in the other two steps above for a specifically defined eyeliner look.

Step 1: Find your waterline.

Use your ring finger to gently pull the lower eyelid up. This should expose the waterline below the lash line. It's that little strip of skin between your eyelids and your eyes.

Step 2: Fill in your waterline.

Place the pencil on the waterline and angle it so that it doesn't pierce your eyes (it hurts!). Gently stroke the lash line from the outer edge of the eye to the inner corner to fill all gaps. The result should be a soft line that offers a subtle definition and an overall natural look. For further clarity, repeat this process and tight line along the waterline at the top.
Pencil Eyeliner Tips + Tricks
As with all cosmetology products, there are some tips and fun tricks to help you practice and play with your eyeliner. Here are some of our favorites.

Tip #1: How about a Nude Eyeliner Pencil in Your Waterline?

Light-colored eyeliner is a very effective way to make your eyes look bigger. This is usually done with a white eyeliner pencil, but as a more subtle alternative, a nude color liner is used to achieve a similar effect. Applying this along the waterline will make your eyes look brighter and more careful.

Tip #2: Fix Your Eyeliner with Eyeshadow for All-Day Wear

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest drawbacks of eyeliner is its short wearing time. To make your eyeliner look longer, set a matte black eyeshadow. Using an eyeshadow brush, tap the shadow lightly along the line you created. This helps smooth out small mistakes you may have made with the pencil liner.