Eye Brushes

    Shadow Blending Brush PE-22

    Rs. 375.00 Rs. 300.00 20%

    Grab this best-pick by Proarte that comes with pony bristles and a round, perfectly dome head, ideal for blending 2 or more colors for a softer finish. This eyeshadow blending...

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    Proarte Tapered Shadow Blending Brush PE-23

    Rs. 350.00 Rs. 280.00 20%

    When you need to add deepness in the crease of your eyelid, reach for this fluffy tapered eyeshadow blending brush. This small brush is nicely tapered to keep the dark...

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    Proarte Smudging Smokey Liner Brush PE-29

    Rs. 325.00 Rs. 260.00 20%

    This fluffy Proarte eyeliner brush comes with a soft point tip for precision on the lash line and the creases, while the rounder side can be used to easily smudge...

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    Eye Blender AE-24

    Rs. 450.00 Rs. 360.00 20%

    Proarte's eyeshadow blending brush features a soft thin rounded brush head that blends eyeshadows into a perfectly diffused finish. Perfect for creating natural-looking eyeshadow! Made using XGF goat hair, this...

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    Flat Blending Brush AE-25

    Rs. 475.00 Rs. 380.00 20%

    If you're using powder eyeshadows, you will blend and blend some more for smooth edges. The Proarte's eyeshadow blending brush does just that, and because the tip of the brush...

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    Small Blender PE-19

    Rs. 300.00 Rs. 240.00 20%

    Grab this classic pick by Proarte that comes with a round, perfectly short head, ideal for smudging and blending cream products for a softened effect. This eye blending brush is...

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    Pencil Smudge Brush PE-58

    Rs. 400.00 Rs. 320.00 20%

    Thanks to the tapered edges, this firm and controlled smudge brush from Proarte is just what you need to nail a sultry, smoky look. The pencil tip aids in giving...

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    Gel/Liquid Liner Applicator PE-28

    Rs. 250.00 Rs. 200.00 20%

    The Gel/Liquid eyeliner applicator has a small and sharp-angled brush head. It's the perfect brush for creating a wing! Due to its useful synthetic bristles, it works well as they...

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    Eyelid Applicator AE-21

    Rs. 450.00 Rs. 360.00 20%

    The Eyelid applicator is a large fluffy brush with a rounded edges head that is great for covering the entire lid effortlessly. Works well with pigments and powder eyeshadows.  It...

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    Proarte Precise Shading Brush PE-57

    Rs. 375.00 Rs. 300.00 20%

    Get a deep, even layer of color on your lids with the Proarte precise eye shader brush. It has soft and precise flat head brush for thick application. It's perfect...

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    Fine Liner Brush PE-30

    Rs. 375.00 Rs. 300.00 20%

    Get a glamorous, attractive look with the Proarte fine eyeliner brush. It features a thin and fine tip and is excellent for creating precise lines. A great way to start...

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    Cream Eyeshadow Brush AE-26

    Rs. 390.00 Rs. 312.00 20%

    This Cream Eyeshadow brush features a firm flat brush head that will pick up product well, apply and pack the color on without spreading the edges or reducing the intensity...

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    Learning eye makeup art is not an easy task. For every makeup lover, it’s vital to know how to use makeup tools at the start to get that glamorous look on the face. To get the glittering eye to look attractively, it’s vital to get the basics down. Figuring out what kind of eye makeup brushes to use and how to use them, makeup skills will effortlessly get creative to improve the look. Knowing what eye makeup brushes are required and how to use them can be actually baffling and entirely affecting. There are so many choices and variants, it is amazing! If it’s a normal person or an expert, the choices can be overwhelming, trying to figure it all out. Let’s get to know today the complete list of eye makeup brushes and how to apply them.

    How to Get Flawless Makeup by using Eye Brushes

    To get closer to a soft, flawless finish, invest in quality eye makeup brushes. Eye brushes that have poor quality tend to dull often, have a shorter life span, leave observable streaks, and can make seamless mingling a major struggle. While avoiding investing a deep pocket on eye makeup brushes surely becomes unavoidable to compromise on the quality. So ensure to buy eye makeup brushes from a reputable brand. Knowing about various kinds of eye makeup brushes based on the shapes, sizes, and hair (natural vs. synthetic) can give any girl a benefit when doing her makeup and make sure she’s using the right tools for the look she desires.

    How to Use Eye Makeup Brushes for Beginners?

    To play with good makeup products, having the ideal eye makeup brushes is essential. Here are some popular eye brushes that will be needed as a beginner to get eye makeup done flawlessly. Want to make the eyes stand out? Go with the eye blending brush! Just dab the eye brush into the product and whirl to pick up the color. Remove any excess. Set the eye brush against the outer edge of the crease on the narrow side of the bristles and pass the socket of the eye concave. Swept to and fro in a windshield wiper motion, this eye brush will both lay down and combine the color. Mingle any harsh lines by exerting the eye makeup brush in small circular motions as required. It’s a good idea to do this between every color to soften the transition. If looking out for an angled eye makeup brush, then apply the product to the tip of the eye brush and use small, spiked strokes towards the outer corner. Thinking to intensify the eyes? Then go for an eye shader brush. Rub the eye brush over the product, pat or press the eyeshadow onto the eyelids, mildly rippling the brush around the edges to mix them out. Smog the eye brush with a setting spray first to intensify the thickness of a powder pigment or to better select shimmery eyeshadow. Want some smudging effects? Immerse the brush straight into the eyeshadow and pass it along the lash line for a rich, smokey line, or use it to spread and fix the eyeliner. It means, putting the kohl or eye pencil liner, and then using the brush to mix the edge of the eyeliner outward. Then, go for the same brush to go back over the eyeliner with a similar eyeshadow shade. This will not only set the color underneath but also layer textures to make richness so the smokey eye doesn't look superficial.

    How to Choose Eye Makeup Brushes?

    One rule about eye brushes is this: purchase the best! It can make makeup look amazing with good brushes. Eye brushes have been glamorous since Ikonic started in this industry so it is likely possible to get good brushes. After getting cozy and starting showing some wear and tear, exchange them, one by one, with better editions. Also, it will be easy to identify which eye brushes to use most often and then can substitute those with better quality versions. If an eye makeup brush is the only best makeup tool for every woman, then go ahead with an investment in a great eye brush. With uniform care, good brushes will last a lifetime.

    Buy Eye Makeup Brushes Online at Best Prices from Proarte

    Eye brushes play a vital role in giving a flawless look and providing the personality with the best confidence. Proarte understands how makeup can degrade self-confidence if not applied with the right tools and that’s why it’s significant to have the perfect eye makeup brushes in the hand. No matter what type of make-up look the person desires, Proarte’s array of premium quality eye brushes has everything to get the makeup skills right. At Proarte, the makeup tools are designed for precision and are skilled with the best in the world's synthetic and natural-synthetic bristles. With a graceful body to flaunt, these tools are the ideal match for makeup artistry. Proarte eye brushes are good for wearing all types of eye makeup. Besides a various range of eye brushes, explore the ultimate collection of eyebrow brushes & eyebrow pencils, eyeliner brushes, and other eye enhancers such as false eyelash online to get glorious results and achieve a skin-like finish.

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