how to choose right false eyelashes

Beginner's Guide To Choosing The Right False Eyelashes

It's easy to be intimidated by fake eyelashes. It's a whole new world of makeup whether you're wearing false lashes for the first time or purchasing your first set. To make the process easier for you, we've compiled a list of pointers to consider before purchasing your first set of fake lashes.

Instead of a full lash line, try buying demi lashes or wispy single eyelashes

Finding eyelashes that precisely match your eye is really difficult. Rather than going through the trouble of cutting your falsies to fit your lid size, just buy shorter pairs. Get "demi" sets, which you may place at the outside corner of your lash line for a winged-outlook. Singles are another choice, which is perfect for folks with long but sparse eyelashes. These are made up of three or four lash hairs that are clustered together and can be used to patch gaps between lashes.

If you're not used to wearing false eyelashes, don't go for overly heavy ones

When it comes to fake eyelashes, going big or going home is a bad idea. Heavy falsies can not only look unusual on first-time wearers, but they can also weigh down your eyes and make you feel uneasy. Furthermore, thick falsies might disguise the shadows and squander all of your effort if you plan to use heavy eye makeup. Wispy eyelash extensions, which have gaps between each pair of false eyelashes and allow one to glimpse into the shadows, are our recommendation. They're also not as minimalistic as natural false eyelashes, so you get a somewhat more fluttery and lively lash look than typical, making the extra work worthwhile.

Instead of black, go for a transparent eyelash band

While there are some excellent false eyelashes with black lash bands on the market, transparent bands are usually simpler to manipulate and work with. These are a little more expensive, but because the band is usually more malleable, they make life a lot easier.

Instead of using transparent eyelash glue, purchase black eyelash glue

Transparent lash glue can have a whiteish gloss to it, which can make the lash look artificial and leave a gap between the lash and the skin. The use of black eyelash adhesive allows the lash to blend in more naturally with the natural lash line.

Higher-end brands usually feature good lashes for novices

While a seasoned makeup artist or professional beauty guru can make even the worst falsies seem good, whether it's through their great application technique or by expertly cutting the lashes, beginners should stick to lashes that don't require particular care. As a result, false eyelashes are one of the few aspects of makeup where a newbie must pay extra. The following eyelash extension companies make excellent starter sets that are simple to apply and comfortable to wear.

Choose lashes that are the same hue as your natural lashes

Your false eyelashes will look more natural and won't conflict with your real lashes if you do it this way.

If you have almond eyes, go for full lashes

With a range of lash types, almond eyes appear fantastic. Make the most of this versatility by wearing thick, full false eyelashes that are equally spaced across your eyelid.
Experiment with other styles if you don't like full eyelashes. Flutter, feathery lashes also look great with almond eyes.

If you have round eyes, curly eyelashes are a good choice

Finding eyelashes that highlight your eye's natural curve is your main goal. Look for lashes with the word "curly" on the package; these will look great with your eyes. As a general rule, avoid lashes with a lot of volume, as they tend to flatten and reduce your eyes.

If your eyes are raised or close-set, cat-eye eyelashes are the way to go

Cat-eye false eyelashes draw attention to your eyes' outer corners. The term "cat-eye" refers to false eyelashes that are longer and more accentuated on the edges and significantly thinner in the middle. Both close-set and elevated eyes look great with lashes that slope outwards toward the outer corners.
If you have a close-set eye, avoid fake eyelashes that are very lengthy in the middle, as they aren't particularly attractive for your eye shape and can actually make your eyes appear smaller.

To accent downturned eyes, wing fake eyelashes should be employed

Lift your outer corners to create a cat eye effect. This may be done using crisscrossed, winged eyelashes, which will help you accomplish this look.
Apply individual eyelashes to your outer corners instead of strip lashes to create a lifting effect.