The eyes are the prominent part of your face, and eyelashes contribute more to it. Thick lashes are an added attraction that makes you look gorgeous than ever. Although the panache of eyelashes has evolved throughout time, the use of eyelash extensions has never lost its significance. For decades, the style factor and chicness of lash extensions is unmatched. Mink eyelash extensions are the next global beauty trend. To give you more insight regarding the same, we have mentioned everything you need to know about our Mink Lashes in this article. So, keep reading!

What are the Mink Eyelashes?

Mink eyelashes are the most used variant of eyelash extensions used by the majority of beauty artists, influencers, movie stars, and so on. The mink eyelash extensions are the bestseller model of lash extensions. It is made out of a material called PBT. The PBT is a kind of synthetic material that has an excellent heat resistance and chemical endurance properties.

Since the mink eyelash extensions are made of PBT, it is long-lasting and very durable. These eyelash extensions have anti-deforming quality; hence they do not lose their shape even after a long time of usage. Many people tend to mistake that mink eyelashes are made of animal hair, but the truth is they are entirely vegan and cruelty-free. The name mink comes from the texture and the softness of the eyelash extensions.

Why is it the best?

The mink eyelash extensions have a separate fanbase and craze in the market. Due to the quality and affordability factor of these eyelash extensions, they are the best among other variants. Most eyelashes and the lash glue tend to irritate your eyes and are very uncomfortable to use. That is not the case with mink eyelash extensions. Since these eyelash extensions are made out of eco-friendly material, it goes smooth on your skin. Our expert picks the best mink eyelashes are here. Check out for more!

Difference between Mink and normal eyelashes

There is a lot of difference between mink lashes and normal eyelashes. While mink lashes are made of high-quality synthetic materials, the normal lash extensions are made of low-grade plastics. These tend to irritate your skin as well as get out of shape a lot sooner, which isn’t worth the investment. On the other hand, mink lashes would last nearly a year or two if you take care of them in a proper manner.

Most plastic lashes are tampered with and not of great quality. They tend to be rough and artificial when you stick them on your real lashes. But mink lashes blend in beautifully with your real eyelashes to give you a gorgeously wonderful finish.

The many variants of Mink eyelashes

When it comes to mink lash extensions, there are multiple variants in all sizes. Be it voluminous high finish, fox eye look, or slight coverage, and the mink lash extensions has it all. You can effortlessly pick one that suits your style and occasions in the best way.

The mink lash extensions have separate lash extensions for above as well as bottom lashes. It is available in every thickness your possible desire. The hassle of searching for the perfect lash match is no more with mink lash extensions.

Solo lash extensions are also available in the collection of mink lash extensions. They are very lightweight and feel like a feather. Designed to be ideal for daily usage, these mink lashes are the best you can invest in. The lash glue is also made with high-grade world-class ingredients and doesn’t feel much on your skin.

For the perfect diva look, you can try out high voluminous mink lash extensions. It gives you the most desired dramatic look without overdoing it. These mink lash extensions don’t feel artificial and heavy but blend well with your natural lashes. So, you can perfectly flaunt your beautiful eyes.