We've seen a lot of brow designs, from the pencil-thin brows of the 1990s to the fluffy laminated brows of today, thanks to the ever-changing cosmetic trends. The best part about these small patches of expressive buddies is that they regenerate and can be easily shaped into varied shapes. Maybe you bleached or shaved your brows, or maybe you simply need some help filling in a few sparse spots—whatever brow appearance you're going for, there are plenty of terrific eyebrow brushes to complete the look.

Eyebrow brushes specifically designed for brows are ideal for filling in brows in big or specific regions. For combing gels and pomade through brows while tinting them, the conventional spoolie brush is a favorite, while precision eyebrow brushes are great for individual hairlines. Another advantage of having eyebrow products on hand is that any eyeshadow or gel may be turned into a brow product if applied correctly. Just bear in mind that any product that isn't designed for that area shouldn't be used too close to your eyes.

To get the finest brow results, save time and use the best eyebrow products for your hair thickness, style, and product type. Our selections for the best eyebrow brush for any look, whether you're using the soap brow method to produce a sleek, feathery brow or simply applying some gel.

Eyebrow pencil

Let's begin with the most often used brow grooming tool: eyebrow pencil. They're essential for giving arches a delicate, natural-looking definition. Eyebrow pencils also work well as a base for brow powder.

It's intended for: If you have brow gaps, asymmetry, or scant tails, she recommends using an eyebrow pencil.

What to do with it: Start at the very beginning of your brows, or the "anchors," as some cosmetic artists refer to them (so the hair right above the inner corners of your eyes). Why? We tend to be heavy-handed while applying an eyebrow pencil for the first time. As a result, starting with the sparsest places will keep brows from seeming overdrawn. From there, trace short, feather-like strokes towards the tail of your brows in the direction of your hair development. After that, use upward and outward strokes to fill in the inner corners of your brows. Check out Proarte’s best eyebrow pencil that has the matte formulation which fills in flawlessly for a perfect look. It beautifully polishes the brows and is ideal for all brow types.


Brow powders are used to fill up gaps or sparse regions in the brows. They have a softer effect on their own than other brow creams. Powder formulations also help set eyebrow pencils, extending their wear time and making brows appear fuller. If you're having problems deciding on a color, go for one that's near to your natural hair color.

It's intended for: If you want a softer brow look, most brow specialists believe that powder can be used. If you have dry skin, though, you should avoid them.

How to use it: To effectively fill in your brows with powder, you'll need an angled brush like Proarte's eyebrow filler brush AB-34. Before dabbing it on the back of your hand, coat it in the formula. Then, using a soft hand, sweep it in the direction of your hair development. Begin by filling in your arches before moving on to the remainder of your brows. When you're finished, comb along the edges with a spoolie brush to soften them.

Lash/Brow Grooming Brush 

Pick up this multi-tasker if you prefer to experiment with different brow looks while also minimizing the quantity of stuff in your cosmetic bag. Begin at the spoolie's end: Every brow look begins with a spiral combing up the brows to see exactly what you're working with. Then, on the other end, use the densely packed eyebrow brush to groom and shape arches or add color. The fine comb is also useful for removing mascara clumps off lashes.

What it's for: Use it to comb the brow hair in a uniform direction. Moreover, the lashes should be groomed to perfection.


When people glance at your face, one of the first things they notice is your brows, and it's impossible to put your best foot forward without feeling confident in your looks. Taking care of your brows is one approach to assist boost your self-confidence. 

You've probably heard the term "eyebrow brush" thrown around. And if you're curious about what they do, we've got you covered. Eyebrow brushes, despite their apparent obscurity, are quite versatile. You can use them in a variety of ways, which is ideal for both individuals who have a well-developed brow regimen and those who are willing to try new things to solidify their own.

Whether you're a die-hard admirer of the eyebrow brush or it's a relatively new buy for you, one thing is certain: your brows, too, need to be well cared for. You need a product that will look after your brows on all fronts, and Proarte can help you with that.