Best Eyebrow Brushes

The Best Eyebrow Brushes for Feathered Brows

Thanks to the always evolving cosmetic trends, we've seen a wide variety of brow designs, from the pencil-thin brows of the 1990s to the fluffy laminated brows of today. The ability of these tiny patches of expressive friends to renew and effortlessly assume a variety of shapes is their strongest feature. Whatever brow appearance you're going for, there are a tonne of great eyebrow brushes to finish the look, whether you bleached or shaved your brows or just need some help filling in a few thin spots.

The best tools for filling in brows in large or defined areas are eyebrow brushes made exclusively for brows. The traditional spoolie eyebrow brush is popular for tinting brows while combing gels and pomade through them, while precision eyebrow brushes work well for specific hairlines. The ability to transform any eyeshadow or gel into an eyebrow product by carefully applying it is another benefit of keeping brow products on hand. Just keep in mind that you shouldn't use anything too close to your eyes if it isn't intended for that area.

Use the best eyebrow products for your hair thickness, style, and product type to get the greatest brow results while saving time. Here are our picks for the best eyebrow brushes for any style, whether you're using gel or utilizing the soap brow technique to create slick, feathery brows.

Eyebrow pencil

Let's start with the brow grooming product that is most frequently used: the eyebrow pencil. They are necessary to provide arches with a delicate, organic-looking definition. The groundwork for brow powder can also be created with eyebrow pencils.

It's for: She advises using an eyebrow pencil if you have gaps, asymmetry, or sparse tails.

How to handle it: Start with your brows' 'anchors," as some cosmetic professionals like to call the very beginnings of brows (so the hair right above the inner corners of your eyes). Why? When using an eyebrow pencil for the first time, we have a tendency to use excessive pressure. Therefore, starting in the areas where hair is sparsest will prevent brows from seeming overdrawn. From there, make short, featherlike strokes in the direction of the growth of your hair toward the tail of your brows. The inner corners of your brows should then be filled in using upward and outward strokes. Check out the best eyebrow pencil from Proarte, which has a matte formula and fills in perfectly for the ideal look. It polishes the brows nicely and is perfect for all brow types.


Using brow powder, you can fill in any gaps or bare spots in your brows. Compared to other brow creams, they have a milder effect on their own. Additionally, powder formulations work to set eyebrow pencils, increasing their wear time and enhancing the appearance of brow volume. If you're having trouble picking, choose a color that is quite similar to the color of your natural hair.

It's for: According to the majority of brow professionals, powder can be utilized if you desire a softer brow appearance. But you should stay away from them if you have dry skin.

How to apply it: You'll need an angled eyebrow brush, like Proarte's eyebrow filler brush AB-34, to fill in your brows with powder properly. Coat it in the formula and then dab it on the back of your hand. After that, gently sweep it in the direction in which your hair is growing. Before filling in the rest of your brows, start by filling in the arches. After you're done, use a spoolie brush to gently comb the edges.

Lash/Brow Grooming Eyebrow Brush 

If you want to experiment with various brow styles while also reducing the amount of items in your cosmetic bag, pick up this multi-tasker. Start at the end of the spoolie: Every brow style starts with a spiral comb-up of the brows to determine the exact shape you have to work with. Use the firmly packed eyebrow brush on the other end to shape and groom the arches or to add colour. The fine comb can be used to clean mascara clumps off of the eyelashes.

Use it to comb the eyebrow hair in a consistent direction. Additionally, the lashes need to be perfectly manicured.


Your brows are one of the first features people notice when they glance at your face, and it's tough to carry yourself with confidence if you don't feel good about the way you look. One way to help improve your confidence is to take care of your brows.

The phrase "eyebrow brush" has undoubtedly been used. And if you're interested in what they do, we can fill you in. Despite their seeming obscurity, eyebrow brushes have a lot of uses. They have a range of uses, making them perfect for both people who have established brow routines and those who are open to experimenting to strengthen their current ones.

One thing is certain: your brows require proper care as well, regardless of whether you are an avid user of the eyebrow brush or it is a more recent purchase for you. Eye brushes play an important role in giving a perfect look and providing the personality with the best confidence. Proarte’s array of superior quality eye brushes has everything to get the makeup skills right.