Eye Blending Brushes

The Correct Way to use each type of Eye Blending Brush.

The secret to applying makeup on the eyes is to blend. But how do you decide which blending eye makeup brush to use when there are so many different sizes and shapes available? Additionally, are all of the eye blending brushes actually necessary? That second question has a negative response, though. You don't require each and every variety of eye blending brush that has ever been produced. A few would not harm, though.

If you're carefree, "put a colour in the crease and go" kind of gal, a fluffy or tapered eye blending brush can be all you need. However, you'll probably require a wider range of tools if you enjoy playing with a wide range of colours, defined appearances like a cut-crease, or blown-out effects like a dramatic smokey eye. Finding high-quality tools is crucial because the eye blending brushes you use are just as important—if not more so—than the makeup you use to create the looks you want. But keep in mind that "quality" does not always equate to "pricey." Simply put, it indicates that the bristles are made of the proper material (whether they are made of sable or synthetic fibres), do not irritate the skin, and do not shed. You can master any eye look if you know how to utilize these seven distinct kinds of eye blending brushes. Today we're going to focus on the best eye blending brush around that will enhance your eyes every damn time!!

Dense, Rounded Eye Blending Brush

While small, dense eye blending brushes can be useful for blending out cream products, they also perform well with powder. These eye blending brushes are fantastic for speedy applications and blended cream-eyeshadow looks, whether you're blending out a shadow stick or applying an eyeshadow base all over the eye.

Fluffy, Rounded Blending- Eye Blending Brush

These fluffy blending eye brushes can be used with or without a product to mix colours flawlessly. Use it over the edges of your shadow to prevent obvious lines, or pair it with a transition shade for a subtle wash of colour in the crease.

Fluffy, Tapered Blending Eye Blending Brush

This kind of tapered eye blending brush is essential. They can be used with or without product, much like the fluffy eye blending brush. The tapered tip of this eye blending brush, however, enables one to apply more concentrated colour into the crease when used in conjunction with a product.

Small, Tapered Blending Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Naturally, the application of colour is more concentrated with smaller eye blending brushes. The fluffy, tapered eye blending brush above is comparable to this one, but it has a narrower tip that allows for even greater precision. Applying and mixing a cut-crease look is incredibly easy with an eye blending brush like this one.

Tapered, Duo Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Typically, the bristles of duo-fibre eye blending brushes are less dense towards the top, where the white bristles show out, and denser near the base, where the black/brown bristles are located. This feature makes them ideal for blending out an eye look without the use of any cosmetics. For colours to merge flawlessly in the crease, apply mild pressure around the brow bone. For numerous colours, apply a little more pressure.

Small, Tapered Eyeshadow Blending Brush

An eye blending brush like this is useful for applying and mixing shadows for a cut-crease (or other concentrated effect), just like the little, tapered eye makeup eye blending brush indicated above. The eye blending brush is perfect for blending out eyeliner or eyeshadow on the lash line because of its shorter bristles, though. Use an angled eyeliner eye blending brush to apply eyeshadow in the shape of a wing, and then use a small, tapered eye blending brush, such as this one, to soften the edges.

Large, Domed Eyeshadow Blending Brush

A broad, domed eye blending brush, like this one, is ideal for making sure there are no sharp, unattractive edges in your eye. Simply sweep the eye blending brush around the shadow's edges without any product on it for a beautifully blended appearance.

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