Makeup Brushes vs. Sponges vs. Fingers: The Real difference

We have heard it all over the years: this star favours a makeup brush, while another makeup artist loves to use her fingers. Even some people use makeup brushes to apply moisturiser. While the advice is valuable, it frequently raises more questions than it answers. What method is ideal? What tools are required for what products? Some artists have been using makeup brushes to apply eyeshadow and concealer, makeup sponges to apply foundation, and fingers to blend in eye makeup. However, we continue to worry if we are completely mistaken and frequently ask: Is there a "correct" method for applying makeup? Couldn't it just be a case of each to their own?

Continue reading to get the definitive answer to the question of whether to use a makeup brush, makeup sponge, or finger.

Fingers: The ring finger works best

Although personal choice undoubtedly influences what makeup application tool you use, the method should also be taken into consideration. Using makeup brushes, beauty blender sponges, or your fingers is different depending on the product you're applying. For products that require a little warming up to combine, for example, fingers work nicely. (Consider products like concealer, cosmetic primer, and cream eye shadows, to name a few.)

If you decide to apply the product with your fingers, the ring finger works best because it applies the least amount of pressure. Moreover, always tap rather than rub.

Using your fingers to apply pressed eye makeup is advised since it provides the best colour payoff and most precise application. Just remember to wash your hands first before using your fingers to apply any makeup. The last thing you need is a sudden breakout brought on by oily, bacteria-, and dirt-covered hands.

Brushes: Perfect for applying powder and shadows

Makeup brushes enable a focused application similar to using your fingers—but even more so. They are therefore perfect for applying powder and shadows. You want everything to blend, so don't be too heavy-handed while applying makeup with a professional makeup brush, she cautions. Instead of brushing on all of the product at once, gradually add more until you get the desired coverage. The Proarte’s face tapered brush produces the ideal contour.

And you're not the only one who doesn't know which makeup brush to use for what. Finding the ideal professional makeup brush(es) can be difficult because there are so many available. Proarte have whittled down top options to just five necessities: powder, blush, foundation, flat blending eye brushes, and eyeshadow crease brushes. You can find out when or how to use each one in our comprehensive brush guide.

Many of us who want dense covers don't want any of the skin beneath to be visible. Use a makeup brush if you want to totally cover your skin, if that is also your desire. This is because you need the most covering possible if you're trying to conceal a zit or other type of discoloration. If you try to cover your foundation-covered pimple with a beauty blender sponge in this case, the foundation will merely become more and more sheer, leaving you frustrated almost every time.

Using the typical foundation brush, which is a fluffy, densely packed synthetic stippling brush, will prevent this. Since synthetic professional makeup brushes don't absorb anything, they only deposit the material they have already gathered. Better coverage is achieved to a significant degree with this, and blending it doesn't remove any product from the skin. However, since spiky-tipped professional makeup brushes leave streaks, it's crucial to choose a fluffy and soft brush.

Sponges: Best for buildable coverage

If a perfect finish is what you're looking for, a makeup sponge is the only tool you need. A sponge for makeup is the best tool for applying natural foundation flawlessly, and perhaps for everything else as well. The makeup will last you all day, has an almost flawless finish, and has buildable coverage.

Always moisten your beauty sponge before using it to get the most use out of it. This will provide even application and distribution of the product. While we can't help but enjoy what we like, it can occasionally be beneficial to experiment with several tool-product combinations in order to find the one that works best for you. A fantastic approach to explore and personalise your routine is to use several application techniques and products.

When applying a product to the skin after applying it with a makeup brush, makeup sponges work well. This is due to the fact that utilising a beauty sponge to pick up a product and apply it to the skin results in significant product waste because makeup sponges absorb the substance and deposit very little of it.

In other words, apply foundation and concealer using a stippling brush where necessary, and then lightly dab a blender sponge over the face to blend everything together. The same holds true for blush and highlighter. Use a professional makeup brush to apply it, but use a blender sponge to massage it in so that it looks diffused and streak-free. Buy makeup brushes online in India at best prices from Proarte.