Important Tips And Common Beauty Mistakes To Avoid During Monsoon

Monsoon season and makeup products don't mix well. The monsoon creates a humid and damp environment that degrades makeup products to the point where they must be thrown without being used. It's critical to keep your makeup products away from moisture in the air. If you have a lot of products that need to be carefully stored during the rainy season, read these tips and common beauty mistakes to avoid during the monsoon. 

Makeup brushes should be kept in a clean pouch or makeup vanity box

Makeup brushes are particularly vulnerable to damp air. Makeup brushes lose their bristles through time and use as a result of poor care, incorrect washing, and improper drying. This can also happen in wet conditions, therefore it's crucial to keep them safe in a specific bag or makeup vanity box.

There's a lot of talk about monsoon-proof beauty routines these days, and everyone has an opinion. While you may believe you've perfected a monsoon-friendly beauty routine, odds are, 2 hours later, your mascara is running down your face and your foundation is slipping off.

To avoid your gorgeous face turning into a D-Day base during the rains, you should give up a few beauty routines. Take notes as you read on to see which steps you may skip to create the perfect monsoon-friendly beauty routine.

Choosing not to use waterproof eye makeup

We're not sure where this notion arose, so let's just clear the air: waterproof makeup is a good thing during the monsoon! Rain and humidity can cause your eye makeup to run, so whether you're a fan of eyeliner or mascara, make sure anything you choose is waterproof. Use a waterproof liquid eyeliner to create a waterproof and transfer-proof look that will stay all day and give your eye makeup a dramatic finish. There are no raccoon eyes now!

There is no powdering-up

Face powders are underappreciated treasures during the monsoon. Avoid heavy-duty cream or liquid-based foundations if you have oily skin. A multifunctional compact can be used as a concealer, foundation, and compact all in one, providing even matte coverage without melting away. If you have dry skin and are hesitant to experiment with powder, use the compact as a setting powder over your regular foundation instead – and notice how long it lasts. Use cotton powder puffs for better results.

Maintain a matte cream balance on your lips

It's no surprise that a matte lipstick is a must-have for monsoon makeup. Use a lip crayon with a creamy texture but an ultra-matte finish that won't budge, smear, fade, or transfer all day. To prevent your lipstick from bleeding outside your natural lip line, line your lips with a lip liner pencil before applying your lipstick.

Remove the cream contours and highlighters from your makeup routine

For rainy-day makeup, opt for powder options. To illuminate your skin and enhance your features, apply a pink or peach blush to the apples of your cheeks and a powder highlighter to the high points of your face. Lip crayons can also be used as a cheek tint because they are soft and blendable. If you don't have a blush palette, a lip crayon can be used to achieve those flushed cheeks. Simply apply a small amount to the apple of your cheeks and blend with your fingertips or a makeup sponge. For pinky cheeks check out Proarte’s fuschia bite lip crayon that will give your cheeks a sure sign of a monsoon season, at least for beauty: one of blossoming, liveliness, and all things splashy. For dreamy peachy cheeks check out Proarte’s rustic romance that gives your cheeks a healthy flush and a refreshing makeup look.

Eyelash Extensions: The Perfect Rainy Season Beauty Solution

Because eyelash extensions are semi-permanent rather than temporary, they can last as long as the day they were professionally applied to your lash lines. Instead of a thick, heavy line of linked eyelashes, eyelash extensions are applied individually to your natural lashes. This allows them to blend in more naturally with your natural lashes while still providing adequate coverage in areas where your natural lashes are lacking or thin.

You can basically forget about them once they're in place, because you won't even need mascara to make your eyelashes the center of attention!

You won't need mascara or an eyelash curler after you have eyelash extensions. Both should be avoided since they can damage or pull off your eyelash extensions. Water-based mascara is fine, but waterproof mascara and strong removers can jeopardize the adhesive's effectiveness. Artificial eyelashes are also surprisingly inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of buying designer temporary false eyelashes and mascara. It's time to upgrade to eyelash extensions if you're weary of runny mascara and unsatisfactory bad quality false eyelashes.

Whether looking for light, heavy, medium-density false eyelashes, now get them all at Proarte. The great part is they don’t look heavy on the eyes, give a natural look, and are of premium quality.