With Proarte's Best Makeup Brushes, Get Ready for Holi

You already know what Holi involves—drenching everyone (including yourself) in water and colourful powders while having fun with friends and family—and it's just a few days away. Holi marks the start of spring and a time for new beginnings, so as you revamp your life, don't forget to do the same with your cosmetics bag. Now that the season has changed, it's time to retire your winter makeup looks and embrace your Holi makeup looks. So stop using boring neutrals and monochromes and add some colour to your makeup instead.

 Using the greatest professional makeup brushes available, Proarte gives the best Holi makeup looks, whether or not you decide to participate in the festivities.

Different Holi makeup looks

You'll want to keep your makeup looking fun and interesting as Holi approaches because of the occasion. It's about time to discuss our favourite glam report of the year: the most well-liked Holi cosmetic trends of this year! 

  1. Pink eyes: They provide a touch of sweetness to an otherwise youthful face. 

Pink eyeshadow is popular right now and can be used for both day and night looks. Pink eyeshadow may seem too bold and intense for you, but some of the styles seem doable and appropriate for a night out. It's a great Holi makeup look since it combines romance, flirtation, and traditionalism. 

Getting the look 

Step 1: To lay a brilliant foundation, use a primer. After applying the foundation, use a creamy concealer to cover any blemishes. To maintain your radiance, use a Proarte PE-23 tapered eyeshadow blending brush to apply setting powder only to your oiliest areas.

 Step 2: Prime your eyelids with an eye primer to get them ready for makeup. Apply a light pink makeup all over your eyelids and crease after that. After that, use a clean Proarte PE-22 eyeshadow blending brush to soften the edges. Utilizing a little makeup brush, apply the same shade along your lower lash line.

 Step 3: Apply a few dots of eyeshadow-coordinating peach blush on the apple of your cheekbones, then blend it in.

Step 4: Curl your eyelashes and coat them with volumizing mascara. Alternately, you can pick from a wide range of imitations.

Step 5: Nude-colored lipstick is all you need for a perfect pout.

Lilac Shadow Will Definitely Turn Some Eyes 

The pink undertones in this plump shadow appearance give it a '70s feel. With a neutral yet superior lip colour, you may complete your Holi beauty look and be sure to attract attention.

 Getting the look

Step 1: Moisturize or prep your skin with a serum. Afterward, use a primer. It is advised to use a product that gives your skin an illuminated sheen. Then, to have the same result, use a foundation that has serum in it or add a few drops of skin oil to your foundation.

 Step 2: All that's left to do is blend a transition shade into the outer crease of your eyes, then use purple eyeshadow to fill in the middle of your eyelids. Eyeliner should be used to highlight your eyes. Don't forget to coat your eyelashes in mascara.

Step 3: Dab a small amount of cream blush onto the apple of each cheek, then blend, being careful to remove any ridges before the product dries. Apply a liquid highlighter on your cheekbones, nose bridge, and other high points of your face to achieve the glow of your dreams.

Smokey eyes and bare lips 

Pure art, this Holi makeup style is customary. If you've been considering trying crimson smoky eye makeup, Holi is the perfect occasion. It suits all skin tones and is timeless.

Getting the look

Step 1: After moisturising your face, use a primer to prepare your skin. After that, use your preferred concealer and foundation.

Step 2: Apply a dark brown eyeshadow colour across the outer crease of your eyes and below your lash line using Proarte's AE-26 Cream Eyeshadow Brush. Apply a red eyeshadow to your eyelids next using a Proarte PE-57 flat eye shader brush. Apply silver eyeshadow to the inner corners and red glitter to the middle of your eyes. Finish by lining your lower waterline with naked kohl. Put on some artificial eyelashes or a layer of mascara.

Step 3: Use a blush and highlighter to draw attention to your best features. Next, apply your preferred nude lip colour on your lips to make a striking statement.

Unicorn-Inspired Makeup Are About To Take Over The Internet 

Try a soft wash of colour on your eyelids for a stunning Holi beauty look to go with your white kurta. This look may be worn up or down. Take your time with this one because the longer you blend the colour with a fluffy pro makeup brush like Proarte's PF-55, the softer and more diffused the result gets.

Getting the look

Step 1: Moisturize your face using a product that promotes brightness. Apply a little layer of lighting powder next. Don't forget to take care of your neck. Apply your foundation with a moist sponge for a lovely finish. Conceal any scars or other flaws you want to cover by using concealer under the eyes and on top of them.

Step 2: Prime the eyelids with the eye primer and set the makeup. Next, cover your entire lid area with a glittering liquid lilac shadow. Make your eyes stand out by using cat eyeliner.

Step 3: To add warmth to your face and shape it, use a cream contour around the hollows of your cheeks and a bronzing powder over the hairline, jawline, and temples. Then dab a brilliant blush on the apple of your cheekbones.

Step 4: All that's left to do is get your lips ready. Fill it in with a neutral brown lip crayon, such ProArte's Brownie Pout or Caramel Cupid.

As a final word

When it comes to applying makeup, makeup brushes can be really useful. And this year, use the Proarte professional makeup brushes to complete your makeup for Holi, the colourful holiday of India.