Brow makeup guide

The Definitive Guide to Brow Makeup

Brows. One of the trickiest and most challenging areas of the face to get right, excellent brows can instantly elevate or detract from a look. This is why having confidence in both your method and your equipment is so crucial.

Stunning universal eyebrow products from Proarte are ideal for rocking a bold, natural, or feathery brow, as well as anything in between! Here are some fundamental pointers and techniques to help you master the art of applying eyebrow makeup with an eyeliner pencil, highlighter, gel, and more, regardless of the type and shape you opt for.

Step 1: Check Your Natural Shape

Locate the beginning of your natural brow

Your facial type will determine how your eyebrows are shaped. As a result, while determining your ideal shape, you should start by looking at what you now have. The simplest approach to accomplish this is to place your FILL + BLEND Eyebrow Pencil—your shade selection is completely up to you!—next to your nose so that it crosses over the inner corner of your eye. Mark this intersection lightly to indicate where the beginning of your brows should be. Apply brow pencil in a few fast stages for your natural form as follows:

  • Identify your arch

Next to your nose, place your FILL + BLEND BROW PENCIL. This time, tilt the pencil's top so that the top protrudes above your eye's pupil and the base rests at the outside edge of your nose. Your brow arch should be located here. With your pencil's fine point, lightly mark the spot. When the brow is drawn, the arch's height will change and develop.

Locate the finish

One more time, place your FILL + BLEND BROW PENCIL near to your nose. The pencil should be angled so that the tip crosses the outer corner of the eye and the base remains at the nose.

  • Make a brow furrow
    You only need to connect the start, arch, and finish points now that you have them. To get a natural-looking brow, lightly draw little, hair-like strokes from the inner corner outwards. begin slowly. If you want bolder brows later, you can easily add more product!

    Step 2: Give 'Em An Eyebrow Brush

    Brush your brow hair upwards with the integrated spoolie eyebrow brush at the end of your FILL + BLEND BROW PENCIL. This will show you exactly where you need to fill in and will also help you define the curve of your brows.

    By using something flexible, like brow wax, you'll be able to set brow hairs in place while still allowing for even product application later on. You don't want the brow to be stiff before applying your selected product.

    When applying the brow wax, twist the pencil up and begin wiping the wax on your brows in an upward manner. Continue doing this until the entire brow is covered. Use a spoolie, to sweep the product through in an upward motion to shape your brows into the style you want.

    Step 3: Complete Them

    Don't let this step intimidate you! Once you've decided on the appearance you want, it's very easy. To find out which product to use for your desired finish, refer to the advice below.

    Natural Brow:

    • Eyebrow Filler Brush AB-34 (one of the best eyebrow brush from Proarte

    Step 4: Clean 'Em Up

    Your brows should now be cleaned up since they are now perfectly arched and gorgeous. Although using brow highlighter may seem like an extra step, it actually has a MASSIVE impact on the final result.
    • Lightly draw along the bottom edge of your brow with a creamy, blendable product in a brightening tone.
    • Next, using a concealer brush that is small but firm, smooth the makeup out. 
    • And done - it’s that easy!
    In addition to further defining the contour by giving it a sharper edge, it also raises the brow bone and aids in illuminating the eye region. Who could not adore that?
    You've perfected the ideal brow technique in only 4 simple steps! We are aware that your brows should entirely reflect you and be individual (remember, they are sisters, not twins!). So it's important to select a brow routine that complements your practise and style. Never forget that the appropriate tools along with the principles of a beautiful brow make all the difference!


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