how to clean and care eyelash curler

How to properly clean and care for your eyelash curler

Nothing quite compares to the way lashes look when they are curled, especially when they serve as the foundation for a dramatic, fanned-out lash effect. It's time to add an eyelash curler to your makeup kit if you're still working on getting the perfect curl for your lashes. You're probably thinking that you haven't invested in this well-established, dated tool for a reason. Do eyelash curlers actually improve eyelashes? Indeed, they do. It all comes down to knowing how to utilize one properly.

The problem is that if you've never used a women's eyelash curler before, you might not know how to incorporate one into your regular makeup routine. And if you're just starting out with eye makeup, you'll quickly realize that it's a need. Fortunately, using a lash curler is actually rather simple. Here are some tips on how to improve your eye makeup regimen and curl your eyelashes.

The Right Way To Use An Eyelash Curler

If you've ever wondered if eyelash curlers are bad for your lashes, the short answer is no, provided you use them properly. Let's go over the dos and don'ts before discussing how to curl your eyelashes with a lash curler as part of your beauty routine so you can prevent needless harm to your lash fringe.

  • Start by picking the appropriate eyelash curler

You need the correct lash curler to give your lashes a dramatic lift. A curler that works for someone may not be the appropriate one for you because everyone's eyelashes are unique. It's crucial to understand what your lashes require, so while selecting a curler, keep your eye shape and lash length in mind. To ensure that you get every curl, choose a curler with long clamps.

  • Utilize Only Clean a Tool

Just like your makeup brushes, eyelash curlers require cleaning. Make sure to include your eyelash curler on your list of makeup items that need cleaning because failing to do so can result in an eye infection. It may be easily cleaned with soap and water to create a brand-new canvas. Makeup remover wipes are a great way to remove mascara and any gunk from your eyelash curler. You can use makeup wipes to clean the metal regularly after each use. 

Use a blow dryer at its highest setting for complete cleaning and disinfection. Take off the cushion pad and use your blow dryer to heat the curler for at least a minute. Any bacteria or germs on it will be destroyed by the heat, and it will also release any mascara or eye makeup that has adhered to it. After the metal of the eyelash curler has cooled, cleanly wipe it off with a tissue.

  • Before applying mascara, curl your lashes

Do you apply mascara first or then eyelash curler? You should always curl your lashes before applying mascara, not the other way around. Working backwards can result in a dirty lash curler, and curling after applying mascara might break your lashes since mascara makes them stiffer. Because of this, eyelash curlers can have a negative reputation for damaging lashes. It's your technique, not the curler, that's the problem!

  • Remember To Curl Upward

People frequently neglect to clamp their eyelash curler over their lashes and slowly raise the curler, but you shouldn't omit this step. This will offer your eyelashes some curl and an instant lash lift, in addition to maintaining their curl for a longer period of time.

  • Don't use the same curler indefinitely

In general, lash curlers aren't the kind of item you can use indefinitely without ever replacing. Your lashes' curl will become less appealing as the curling pads become worn out over time. For certain eyelash curlers, replacement pads are available, allowing you to keep using the curler for a long time. However, for some models, a brand-new lash curler may be necessary. Buy eyelash curler from Proarte that crimps and curls lashes to perfection. 

Additionally, look through some common eyelash curler errors you might be making:

  • Utilizing it excessively

Who wouldn't want their eyelashes to always be curled and fluttery? However, curling your eyelashes every day (even if you're using the right methods) can seriously harm and thin your natural lashes. Avoid using the tool excessively.

  • Using ineffective technique

Using the incorrect technique could also be the cause of your eyelashes' less-than-stellar appearance. Always begin by four to six light pulses of the curler at the base of your lashes. For that flawless, even curl, do the same in the middle before moving on to the tips. To make the curls last longer, consider heating your curler with a blow dryer (but be careful not to heat it up too much).

  • You're squeezing too firmly

You can be making one of the largest and most frequent eyelash curler blunders if you do this. Your false eyelashes may get permanently damaged or even fall out if you aggressively clamp them. There is no need to tug; simply use a soft touch to gently clamp the curler onto your lashes.

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