When we first started watching beauty videos on YouTube about a decade ago, one of the things that struck us was the near-total lack of lip brushes. We couldn't believe the number of beauty "gurus" who would spend 20 minutes and seven different lipstick brushes crafting the perfect lip look, only to slap lipstick directly from the bottle on their lips without a second thought.
We'd be lying if we said we never used a lipstick brush. It's not really practicable with some items, such as balms. And, while some people do it, we don't buy multiple sponge applicators to use with lip glosses since we think it's excessive. Let's be honest: sometimes we're in a hurry (or just lazy) and don't have the patience to make a brush-on lip look. However, when it comes to applying lipstick, a lipstick brush is crucial in general and from a best-practices standpoint. Here’s why.

1. A lip makeup brush offers more precision

Lipstick is supposed to be fashioned in such a manner that it's easy to apply to your mouth's numerous curves and points, but it's difficult to get it quite right with what is, after all, a fairly blunt instrument. A lip brush allows you to apply the product with better precision, especially when working with intense colors (and, thus, fewer mistakes and less cleanup).

2. You can control the intensity of your lip color with a lip brush

When you apply lipstick with a lip brush, you use less product and have more control. Consider it like nail polish: the initial coat will be sheer, and each subsequent coating will become more opaque. If you're not sure you're ready to go all-in on that strong red, start with a sheer coating and work your way up to a more intense red as your confidence grows.

3. Lipsticks can remain longer in the tube and on the lips with the use of a lip brush

If you apply lipstick straight from the bullet, you're definitely applying considerably more than you need, depending on the thickness of the product. That's why your grandma taught you to blot the excess lipstick with a tissue — and by doing so, you're practically applying twice as much lipstick as you need and then throwing half of it away. There's no point in squandering your lipstick, whether it's affordable or expensive.
That one heavy layer of lip color will also slide around on your lips and wear off faster than if you build up to the same intensity level with a gradual application of color. It takes more time upfront, but it saves time later on. That might not bother you if you carry your lipstick everywhere and don't mind having to reapply during the day, but we’re terrible at remembering to (a) bring and (b) reapply lip color, so it’s preferable to apply it in a method that will last as long as possible.

4. When you're wearing multiple colors on your lips, a lip brush comes in handy

Lip ombré, lip contouring, and lip topcoats are all popular right now, and if you want to attempt them out, we recommend using a lip brush. While some products such as Matte Lip Creams blend better with fingers, we almost always obtain the greatest results when blending lipsticks and pencil liners with a brush.
To avoid cross-contaminating your lip colors, you can also use a lip brush. You know what we’re talking about if you've ever applied a clear or light-colored gloss over a red lipstick and then realized you've stained your applicator (or worse, put the applicator back in the tube and tainted the product itself). We apply some of the product on a clean lip brush instead of applying it directly to lips when we use tubed lip effects or topcoats. That way, we can layer light-colored effects over aggressive lip colors without having to worry about color bleeding.

5. It's more hygienic to use the best lipstick brush

Even if you’re not a germaphobe, let’s admit to keeping some cosmetics on vanity for longer than is technically necessary. Lip cosmetics, on the other hand, are soft, warm things that serve as ideal bacteria breeding grounds, and your mouth is notoriously germy. Rather than spreading lipstick all over your lips and then putting the cap back on to create an ideal environment for germs to thrive, we prefer to apply lipstick with a (hygienic!) lip makeup brush, making sure to clean it between touching your lips with it and returning to the lipstick tube. While we're not talking about surgical cleanliness here, it's certainly better than the alternative.

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