Lip Brush

Five Reasons Why You Should Use a Lip Brush 

About ten years ago, when we first started viewing beauty videos on YouTube, one of the things that surprised us was the complete absence of lip brushes. The number of "gurus" in the beauty industry who would spend fifteen minutes and seven different lipstick brushes creating the ideal lip look just to apply lipstick straight from the bottle to their lips without giving it a second thought astounded us.

If we said we never used a lipstick brush, we'd be lying. With other goods, like balms, it's not really practical. And although though some individuals do it, we don't since we think it's excessive to purchase many puffs & sponges to use with lip glosses. Let's face it: sometimes we lack the patience to create a brush-on lip look because we are pressed for time or because we are simply lazy. But from a general and best-practices perspective, a lipstick brush is essential when it comes to applying lipstick. This is why.

A lip makeup brush provides greater accuracy

Lipstick is designed to be applied easily to the many curves and points in your mouth, but because it is applied with such a blunt instrument, it can be challenging to get it just right. You can apply the makeup more precisely with a lip brush, especially when using vibrant colours (and, thus, less mistakes and less cleanup).

A lip brush lets you adjust the intensity of your lip colour

You use less lipstick and have more power when applying it with a lip brush. Think of it like nail polish: the first layer will be transparent, and each further coat will grow more opaque. Start with a sheer coating if you're not confident that you're ready to go all-in on that powerful red. As your confidence increases, work your way up to a more intense red.

Using a lip brush will help lipstick stay on your lips and in the tube longer

Depending on the thickness of the substance, applying lipstick straight from the bullet results in applying far more than is necessary. You almost apply twice as much lipstick as you need and throw half of it away when you blot the excess with a tissue, like your grandmother told you to do. Whether your lipstick is inexpensive or costly, there's no use in wasting it.

Additionally, if you build up to the same intensity level with a gradual application of colour, it will take longer for that one heavy layer of lip colour to wear off and slide around on your lips. Although it requires more time up front, it ultimately saves time. It might not bother you if you always take your lipstick with you and don't mind having to reapply during the day, but since we tend to forget to bring and reapply lip colour, it's best to apply it in a way that will make it last the longest amount of time possible.

A lip brush is useful if you're wearing several lip colours

In order to try out lip ombré, lip contouring, or lip topcoats—all of which are now fashionable—we advise utilising a lip brush. We almost always achieve the best results when blending lipsticks and pencil liners with a brush, despite the fact that some products, like Matte Lip Creams, blend better with fingers.

You can also use a lip brush to prevent your lip colours from rubbing off on one another. If you've ever used a clear or light-colored gloss over a red lipstick and noticed that your applicator is discoloured, you understand what we're talking about (or worse, put the applicator back in the tube and tainted the product itself). When using tubed lip effects or topcoats, we dab some of the product onto a fresh lip brush before dabbing it over our lips. In this manner, we can layer delicate effects over bold lip colours without being concerned with colour bleed. 

Making use of the Best lipstick brush is more healthy 

Even if you don't have a fear of germs, we'll all admit to leaving some cosmetics on the vanity longer than is strictly necessary. Lip cosmetics, on the other hand, are warm, soft objects that are perfect places for bacteria to grow, and your mouth is known for being extremely unhygienic. We prefer to apply lipstick using a (hygienic!) lip makeup brush, taking care to clean it between brushing your lips with it and returning to the lipstick tube, rather than spreading lipstick all over your lips and then putting the cap back on to create an ideal environment for germs to thrive. Even while this is not surgical cleanliness, it is unquestionably preferable to the alternative. Looking for a lip makeup brush?

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