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AE-24 Eye Blender

SKU: 8904231006386

Proarte’s eyeshadow blending brush features a soft thin rounded brush head that blends eyeshadows into a perfectly diffused finish. Perfect for creating natural-looking eyeshadow! Made using XGF goat hair, this brush is known for its tapered shape and soft, fluffy bristles to aid you really blend.


  • Best for blending powder products in the corners of the eyes
  • Gentle on your delicate skin
  • Very convenient to use, Carry and store.
  • Made using XGF Goat Hair

How to Use:

  • Swipe the fluffy bristles into the crease of your lids with a windshield-wiper motion to apply your eyeshadow for a spreaded look, and whirl it around the edges of your eyes when changing between colors or mixing multiple shades on top of one another.
  • Ideal for blending powder products into the small areas of the eye.
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