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Pro Lip Precision Brush AL-36

Pro Lip Precision brush features small firm fibers that easily swipe on color and gloss with a tapered point tip. Recommended Use: Use for perfect pout on the lips with full control and ease.   Return: No Returns Applicable.
Price: 280
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Retractable Lip Brush PL-37

Retractable Lip Brush has a rounded and firm tip. Ideal for shaping the lip with full control. Recommended Use: Use for application, to define and contour the lips.   Return: No Returns Applicable.
Price: 460
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You might have a storage full of lipsticks of all shades that are obtainable in the market but have you ever thought about purchasing a lip brush? If not, then you might be skipping out on an essential makeup item. While you might be an expert when it comes to applying lipstick, however, a lipstick brush just makes it simpler. In addition, a lip brush also makes your lips look well-covered and pout-perfect.

A lip brush might seem like one of those external beauty tools, but once you unlock its benefits, you’ll desire one in every size, shape, and color. A long handle offers utmost control, and curved, tapered bristles offer precision. This means smoother, feather-resistant, budge-proof effects. Once your lipstick is applied, using a lip brush can certainly help your lipstick to apply more smoothly and even help in its staying power.

Using a lip brush helps to blend out lip liner for a less rough look. Lip brushes give you a crisp finish and help define the lip lines at the bows and corners. You can use a lip brush with concealer to reduce small patches, redness, and darkness on the complexion.


A lip brush can make wearing your lipstick much easier. This small lipstick brush will help you get a precise, fixed-line that other women will desire. It simply acts like a paintbrush and is ideal for specifying along the lips and applying the shading uniformly and reliably. This brush can also be used to soften up harsh lines of your lips or even mix two lip colors together for a gorgeous effect.

A thin lip brush is so very helpful for applying lip color perfectly, particularly when it comes to dark or bold shades where precision is needed. By putting with a brush, instead of direct from the tube, you can be far more precise with outlining and padding in your lips. Plus, you can also use a lip brush to enhance color, which is much difficult to do when you put a lipstick directly.


Are you thinking about how to select the correct lip brush? Don’t worry; we did the best for you! Our best lip brushes are right here for every makeup lover to have in their makeup kit. When it comes to lip brushes, the question is, ‘Should I be using a lip brush to put in lipstick?’ The answer is yes! We have been downgrading the significance of lip brushes for a long time now. With the best lip brush, you can decide the amount of pigment you want on your lips while also certifying an even and precise application.

Putting lipstick or a lip gloss using a lip brush also enhances the product’s staying power. Moreover, it aids blend lipstick smoothly and avoids smudging. Whether you’re going for an ombre lip look, mixing lipstick and lip liner on the lips, or trying to raise full coverage with red lipstick, here are the best lip brushes you should try to get that extremely pretty pouty lips!

Pro Lip Precision Brush

This lip brush comes with a tapered high fiber brush which allows smooth application without hassle. This lip brush helps you add to the pleasure of controlled easy application.

How to use:

Angling the brush on its side, slide along the outline of the mouth to line lips. Do use the full face of the bristles to fill in lip color and contour the lips.

Retractable Lip Brush

One of the best lip brushes, this retractable lip brush is highly desirable for every makeup lover. It features a small, tapered point that allows you to apply the lipstick/gloss in a smooth and uniform manner, which makes sure that color stays inside your natural lip line.

How to use:

Begin by defining the contours of the lips with the tip of the brush, and then fill in the lips with the same or with a softer color for more volume.


To design a work of art, whether on canvas or on your eye crease, the creator will often reach for a brush. A perfect makeup application starts with the right tools, where some unique ones help us put and blend colors to make various makeup looks. Lip brushes can be your path to perfect-looking skin and makeup. This is only possible if you choose the right kind of lip brush. It will not only help you get the perfect makeup look but will also help you save money in the long run.

Having the best lip brush in India will definitely alter the meaning of wearing lipstick for you, but first, you will have to own the best lip brushes for sure. Arm yourself with our Proarte lip brushes, and you won’t have to worry about lip stains on your teeth or smudging or spreading of your lipstick outside the edge of your lips. Our lip brushes not only highlight your cupid’s bow but are also the ideal way to make sure the application is clean. With our best lip brushes, we have made it easier for you to choose the best one.


These pleasure-loving soft beauty brushes were styled by experts and built to last. For attractive makeup applications day in and day out, you require high-quality, classic lip brushes that are making a difference. Once your eye makeup look is completed and your foundation is perfectly set, be ready and look your best with Proarte lip brushes!

How do you make the flawless lip look? With high-quality lip brushes, of course. Our lipstick brush price is absolutely inviting and our collection is available in a range of shapes and sizes to match any makeup lover’s needs. From matte lipstick fans to gloss or cream lovers, pro artists, or daily makeup wearers, you’re going to love the touch of ultra-soft bristles as they gently give you a well-covered, gorgeous lip. Enjoy perfect application every time, any way of the type of lipstick formula you love.