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Face/Body Polishing Brush

Face/Body polishing brush has short, dense and soft brush head. Ideal for applying powder on all over face and body to finish your look.

Recommended Use: used for generous application of any powder product like mineral foundation on face and body for a polished look.

Price: 1225
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Tapered Kabuki Brush

Tapered Kabuki Brush features a soft tapered dense brush head that is ideal for blending and buffing into the smaller areas of the face.

Recommended Use: Flawless buffing around the eyes and contours of the face.

Price: 950
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Angled Kabuki Brush

Angeled Kabuki Brush has a soft ronded angeled brush head.Ideal for buffing blush for a diffused effect.

Recommended Use: Ideal for blending cream blush or bronzer on to the skin withut absorbing the product.

Price: 950
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Round Kabuki Brush

Round Kabuki Brush features soft dense and rounded brush head. Used best in circular motion to blend powder foundation.

Recommended Use: Blends mineralised products on to the skin to provide HD finish without absorbing the product.

Price: 950
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Flat Kabuki Brush

Flat Kabuki brush has a dense soft and flat brush head that provides a flawless finish.

Recommended Use: Use for applying and blending cream/liquid foundation on to flat areas of the face for a HD finish.

Price: 950
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Flat Angled Kabuki Brush

Flat Angeled Kabuki brush comes with a dense soft and flat and angeled brush head that covers the hard to reach areas of the face.

Recommended Use: Apply and Blend Foundation in areas like nose, around the mouth for a HD finish.

Price: 950
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All over Concealer Brush

All over concealer blender comes with soft rounded brush head. Ideal for blending anywhere on face for cream/liquid products for an airbrushed effect.

Recommended Use: use for well blended airbrush effect on the whole face.

Price: 275
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Small Powder Brush

Small Powder brush is soft and dense with slightly rounded edges. Ideal for powder application on smaller concentrated areas.

Recommended use: Apply powder on smaller areas and highlighter on brow bones and upper cheekbones for a soft blended finish.

Price: 450
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Mini Polishing Brush

Mini polishing brush features a blend of fibers. This brush is ideal for bleanding liquid/cream/ powder products for light polished finish.

Recommended Use: use with cream/liquid/powder blush or highlighter for a controlled airbrush effect on the skin.

Price: 400
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Duo Polishing Brush

Duo polishing brush comes with a blend of fibres for perfectly blending cream/liquid products on to the skin.

Recommended Use: use for polishing foundation for a finished crease free look.

Price: 650
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Duo Foundation Polishing Brush

Duo foundation polishing brush is a blend of fibres with deep beveled edges. Perfect for mineral products to achieve a delicate natural finish.

Recommended Use: Used for soft application of powder and mineralised products like highlighter or powder blush.

Price: 520
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Focused Blush Brush

Focused blush brush comes with fluffy, soft and slightly beveled edges, perfect for applying blusher on the apple of the cheeks. Recommnded use: Precise placement of blusher and medium coverage of powder application.
Price: 425
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Precision Face Contour Brush

Precision face contour brush with soft fluffy bristles rounded at the edges. Ideal for use with powder productsfor a perfect diffused contour.

Recommended Use: Apply blush, bronzer or highlighter on the cheekbones for precise contouring.

Price: 650
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Large Fan Brush

Large and soft fanned head great for light dusting of shimmer products on to skin.

Recommended Use: Apply power blush and highlight shades onto cheeks.

Price: 1100
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Powder Brush

Powder Brush features very soft fluffy brush head with flat sides for definition and control. Recommended use: used best for contouring or powdering the face.
Price: 775
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Side Sweep Blush and Contour Brush

Side sweep contour and blush brush is ideal for soft application of blush to the cheeks and countouring. Recommended use: use for contouring and powder blush on the cheeks.
Price: 525
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Concealer Buffer Brush

Concealer Buffer brush helps you achieve perfectly blended cream concealer, contour and highlight on the under eyes, cheekbones respectivel.

Recommended use: Apply and buff cream concealer, countour and highlight with the brush.

Price: 250
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Fan Brush

A fan Brush is a must have for highlighting, giving soft definition and clean up of excess product without leaving traces.

Recommended use: apply powder highlighter on brow bone, cupid bow, inner corner of eyes and powder on under eyes for eye makeup fall out.

Price: 275
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Pro Foundation Brush

Pro foundation brush with firm bristles works best for application of cream/liquid foundation.

Recommended use: Smooth application of primer, tinted moisturiser and cream/liquid foundation.

Price: 725
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Face Tapered brush

Face Tapered Brush works great for applying powder products. The tapered tip is also ideal for gently contouring the face.

Recommended use: For exact placement of products on cheeks, temples and full face.

Price: 845
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Precision Powder Applicator

Precision powder applicator comes with small tappered brush head with soft fibres. Ideal for precisely placing the product under the eyes,around the mouth and highlighting cheekbones.

Recommended use: Apply highlighting shades on to cheekbones, powder application around the mouth and under the eyes for a finished glow.

Price: 625
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Dab- on Concealer Brush

A thin tapered flat brush head ideal for dabbing on or gliding a liquid/cream concealer on smaller concentrated areas.

Recommended use: precise product placement around the lip area to conceal and highlight bold lip colours, on the under eyes and arond the nose.

Price: 225
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Mini Foundation Applicator

Mini Foundation applicator features a firm narrow paddle shaped brush head. Best used for application of liquid/ cream concealer or foundation.

Recommended use: Conceal larger areas of face/body and liquid/cream foundation application.

Price: 325
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