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Face/Body Polishing Brush

Face/Body polishing brush has short, dense and soft brush head. Ideal for applying powder on all over face and body to finish your look.

Recommended Use: used for generous application of any powder product like mineral foundation on face and body for a polished look.

Price: 1225
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Duo Foundation Polishing Brush

Duo foundation polishing brush is a blend of fibres with deep beveled edges. Perfect for mineral products to achieve a delicate natural finish.

Recommended Use: Used for soft application of powder and mineralised products like highlighter or powder blush.

Price: 520
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Face Tapered brush

Face Tapered Brush works great for applying powder products. The tapered tip is also ideal for gently contouring the face.

Recommended use: For exact placement of products on cheeks, temples and full face.

Price: 845
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Mascara Brush

Mascara Brush comes with a twirl brush head to groom the eyelashes.

Recommended Use: Comb through lashes to avoid clumping up after mascara application.

Price: 123
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Flat Blending Brush

Flat blending brush has a firm, flat rounded rounded brush head for majorly blending anything and everything. Works well for softening lines and edges. Recommended Use: Controlled blending of colours together on to the lid. Buff's out harsh lines for a diffused effect.
Price: 276
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Brow Filler Brush

Brow filler brush comes with slightly stiff angled brush head. Used with brow powder/gel to fill in the eyebrows. Recommended Use: Use in sketching motion to apply powder/gel products to define eyebrows with a natural effect.
Price: 227
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Velvet Soft, highly Pigmented lip Tattoo Pencil. Fills up the lips and outlines making it Smudge Proof.

Price: 300
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