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AK-40 Tapered Kabuki Brush

SKU: 8904231006546

Tapered Kabuki Brush features a soft tapered dense brush head that is perfect for blending and polishing into the smaller areas of the face. Cover up the finest details of your face, reaching the corners of the eyes, around the nose and lips. This face brush will give you a very soft and diffused glow — rather than an over shine.


  • Soft Tapered Dense Brush Head That Is Ideal for Blending and Buffing into The Smaller Areas of the Face.

How to Use:

  • Just apply the product directly to the face with clean fingertips.
  • Then, using a tapping movement with the brush, start blending the product.
  • Gentle back and forth movement, and always in an outward direction, gives that amazing-natural look.

Recommended use:

Flawless Buffing Around the Eyes and Contours of the Face.

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