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PF-14 Small Powder Brush

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If shiny or oily T-zones or under-eye creases are your main bother, Proarte’s small powder face brush is the best solution. It’s meant to extremely-lightly “set” your liquid/cream foundations or polish and blend out powder foundations, depending on your needs. Made using ZGF Goat Hair, the bristles are soft and durable, making it impossible to get a bad application.


  • Works best for small unreachable areas
  • Gentle on your delicate skin
  • Very convenient to use, Carry and store.
  • Made using ZGF Goat Hair

How to Use:

  • Use the fluffy bristles to lift a fine layer of loose powder (tap—don’t blow—off the excess first) and dust it over your T-zone and under your eyes.
  • Pack the product to “bake” your makeup or use a light dusting to instantly fix your foundation or concealer.

Recommended use:

Apply powder on smaller areas and highlighter on brow bones and upper cheekbones for a soft blended finish.

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