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Pro Brush Set (28 Brushes)

The Pro Brush Set* from Proarte combines 28 Brushes from our basic and Studio line collection. It’s a perfect balance of natural( like Pony & Sable) and synthetic hair for precise application of powder, cream or liquid products. Housed within a premium carrying case, ideal for on-the-go professionals.

PF01 – Dab on Concealer Brush
PF02 – Mini Foundation Applicator
AF03 – Pro Foundation Brush
AF04 – Face Tapered Brush
AF05 – Precision Powder Applicator
PF06 – Powder Brush
PF07 – Side Sweep Contour & Blush Brush
PF08 – Concelor Buffer Brush
PF09 – Fan Brush
PF10 – Large Fan Brush
AF11 – Precision Face Contour Brush
PF12 – Focused Blush Brush
PF14 – Small Powder Brush
PP17 – Duo Polishing Brush
PE19 – Small Blender Brush
PE20 – Crease Marketing Blender Brush
AE21 – Eyelid Applicator Brush
PE22 – Shadow Blending Brush
PE23 – Tapered Shadow Blending Brush
AE25 – Flat Blending Brush
AE26 – Cream Eyeshadow Brush
PE27 – Small Angular Liner Brush
PE29 – Smudging Smokey Liner Brush
PE30 – Fine Liner Brush
PE33 – Mascara Brush
AB34 – Brow Filler Brush
PB35 – Lash/Brow Grooming Brush
PL37 – Retractable Lip Brush.


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