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AK-63 Mini Angled Kabuki Brush

SKU: 8904231007154

Add Proarte’s mini angled kabuki face brush to your arsenal that gives you precise application to your nose, inner corner of the eyes, cheekbones, and your temples. With an angled brush head and mixed (natural and synthetic) bristles, this option works equally well with cream, powder or liquid foundation formulas. To get a perfect look, this brush is perfect for you.


  • Get to the hard to reach areas with the perfect angle this brush has
  • Ideal for blending your nose contour, inner corner of the eyes and all the hard to reach areas of your face, buff off the harsh lines with the mini angled kabuki brush

How to Use:

  • To use, simply immerse the brush into the powder, tap lightly to discharge excess, and sweep onto skin in key spots: your cheekbones, the sides of your nose, and your temples.

Recommended use:

Use with cream, liquid or powder products.

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