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PF-09 Fan Brush

SKU: 8904231006232

Get this classic must-have fan face brush from Proarte for highlighting, offering soft definition and remove excess product without leaving traces. This brush gives you precise application of your highlighter on cupid bow, brow bone, etc. It is ideal to spread loose powder on the skin.


  • Works best for eye makeup
  • Gentle on your delicate skin
  • Very convenient to use, Carry and store.
  • Made using Raccoon Hair

How to Use:

  • If you are using bronzer or highlighter, use a fan to softly smooth product onto your cheekbones using a sweeping motion.
  • You can also use fan brushes to spread color. Soften dark blush by intensifying the intensity.

Recommended use:

Apply powder highlighter on brow bone, cupid bow, inner corner of eyes and powder on under eyes for eye makeup fall out.

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