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AE-21 Eyelid Applicator

Its high-quality large fluffy bristles and caringly designed head make for an all-around excellent eyelid/eyeliner applicator tool. This brush feathers powdered products and pigments really well. It is super skin-friendly. So you don’t need to worry if you have a delicate skin.


  • Perfect for applying makeup on eyelids
  • Gentle on your delicate skin
  • Very convenient to use, Carry and store.
  • Made using Pony Hair

How to Use:

  • Whether you use gel eyeliner or want a more spreaded outline with your powder eyeshadow, you’ll find an eyeliner applicator brush useful for getting the product flush against your lashes. Immerse the bristles into the product, then use it to apply your eyeliner like you would a regular pencil or liquid eyeliner.
  • Great for shading the eyelid in one sweep and application of neutral colors all over the lid for a soft effect.
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