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AF-62 Angled Sculpting Brush

SKU: 8904231007147

Chisel your jaw or make your cheekbones pop with this angled face makeup brush. The densely packed synthetic bristles feel like a pillow against the skin and gives you a flawless finish. The brush also lets you pick up and tap off product as you need.


  • Densely packed synthetic bristles for high definition results
  • Soft and firm bristles allow controlled blending application
  • Picks the right amount of product without wastage

How to Use:

  • Use the flat contour brush to sculpt your face with powdered, cream, or liquid bronzer.
  • If using a powder, pit the brush in the product, spin it, and pat the handle on the edge of your makeup container or sink to discharge the excess before applying.
  • For a liquid or cream product, go for a small amount of liquid or cream foundation to a surface then softly run the brush through the product to coat the brush head. Hold the brush at an angle to move with the natural slope of cheekbones and jawline in long extensive motions, working from the inside of your face outwards.

Recommended use:

Use with cream, liquid or powder products.

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