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AK-41 Angled Kabuki Brush

SKU: 8904231006553

This slanted and soft-rounded design performs best by depositing the most product at the shortest end of the brush, while the longer area is perfect for fanning out product and brushing along the curves of the face. Ideal for any cream blush or bronzer products, this face brush tool makes accurate application simple so you can sculpt your face to your heart’s desire.


  • Angled Kabuki Brush has a soft-rounded angled brush head.
  • Ideal for buffing blush for a diffused effect.

How to Use:

  • Immerse the short end into your powder contour, then softly buff along the hollow of the cheek with the long end pointing toward the ear on that side of your face. You can brush this along of your forehead as well, long end near to your hairline.

Recommended use:

Ideal for blending cream blush or bronzer on to the skin without absorbing the product.

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