All the brushes you need for a flawless base makeup

Whether you’re a pro makeup artist or a novice at makeup, we all have one thing in common. We want gorgeous looking skin post makeup that’s completely spotless. On one hand applying foundation and concealer is an easy job for almost all women, whereas on the other, contouring and highlighting can feel as complicated as doing rocket science. But nailing that base makeup will be a piece of cake if you have the right brushes in front of you. We have compiled our best face brushes that will help you achieve a flawless base makeup to compliment any look for any occasion.

Concealer – Dab-On Concealer Brush

Concealer Brush

Conceal away those dark circles, blemishes, scars and practically anything that’s coming in your way towards a perfect base with the Proarte Dab-On Concealer Brush. The brush has a flat head that’s as big as your finger, making the concealer application super easy for you. The tapered tip reaches every nook and corner of your face to give you an effortless blend.

Foundation – Pro Foundation Brush

Foundation Brush

Take your foundation game up a notch with the Proarte Pro Foundation Brush, specifically designed for makeup professionals. The flat and firm head of the brush makes for a smooth and streak free blending of cream and liquid foundations. It does not eat up too much product and hence gives you a full coverage.

Setting powder – Tapered Kabuki Brush

Tapered Kabuki Brush

Setting your face with powder is like putting a lock on all the hard work you’ve done crafting your makeup. And to effectively set your base, you need the Proarte Tapered Kabuki brush that is designed to work your way around powder products. Just a few swipes of powder using this brush on your face and you’re set (and so is your makeup)

Contouring – Side Sweep Blush and Contour Brush

Side Sweep Blush and Contour Brush

Executing this step is no cakewalk. A challenging step like contouring requires the right brush and guess what? Proarte has got you covered. The Side Sweep Blush and Contour Brush is perfect for seamlessly blending contouring products on the hollows of your cheeks or anywhere it is that you want to contour.

Highlight – Fan Brush

Fan Brush

What’s the perfect companion to a deep contour? A beaming highlight on the high points of the face. Use the Proarte Fan brush to highlight and add a glowing touch to your makeup. The brush picks just the right amount of product, so that you don’t go overboard with the highlighter even on days when you feel like stepping up your highlighting game.

2 Super Easy Halloween Looks for Beginners

It is that time of the year again. Your social media will be bustling with extremely artsy, deeply creepy and crazy beautiful Halloween makeup looks that literally belong in an art gallery. But if you’re looking for something that is easy to achieve and still makes you stand out from the crowd, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together 2 uncomplicated and eerie makeup looks for the spooky season that are beginner friendly and don’t need a hundred attempts to get right.

Webbed Masque

Webbed Masque

The best part about this makeup is that you paint the mask on, which will definitely fetch you more compliments than just putting on a store bought mask. To achieve this artsy yet spooky look, you need to start by outlining your eyes with a black eye liner, try Proarte Black Eye Gel Pencil.

Swipe it across your upper lash line (don’t forget to tight line), across the lids and on your lower lash line (you can also smoke it out a bit using Proarte Smudging Smokey Liner Brush). Now, comes the tricky part- the mask. Take the Proarte Gel/Liquid Liner Applicator Brush and a good gel liner, you can also try using Proarte Eye Matte Liner. Create criss-cross strokes starting from the cheeks to a few inches above your brows. Take your time with this one and make sure to get the strokes right. Try not to create the stroke too close to each other otherwise you will lose the webbed effect and you will be left with a diamond shaped black mess around your eyes.

Mystic Magic

Mystic Magic

A little unicorn dust never hurt anyone, right? This Halloween makeup look is perfect for anyone who isn’t into blood and guts and wants to explore the mystical and magical side of the spooky season. You are going to need a lot of highlighter, a pastel eye shadow palette, a handful of rhinestones and a few good quality makeup brushes. Starting with the eyes, take a soft hued purple eye shadow or try using Proarte Violet Gem eye gel pencil and apply it on the lids using Eye Blender Brush. Use the same shade on your lower lash line using Proarte’s Small Blender Brush. Now, take a rosy pink shade of blush and apply just below your cheekbones and all around your forehead and make sure you blend it nicely. Now take a reflective shade of highlighter and apply it on your cheekbones and on your forehead, just above your brows using Proarte Large Fan Brush. Don’t be ashamed to go a little overboard with this look because that’s what this dreamy look is all about.

3 Makeup Hacks for the festive season

You picked out your outfit, got the accessories in place, even your hair is behaving before the event, now the last thing (mostly the tricky one) left for you to tackle is your makeup. From uneven wings to underwhelming eyeshadow, anything can go wrong when you’re in a hurry. But fret not, we have put together 3 super easy makeup hacks that might come in handy to help you look your best for all your ongoing festive parties.

Mascara as liner

Nothing is as terrifying as to find a dried out eyeliner pen in the midst of your makeup session, is it?But don’t just panic yet. Simply grab your mascara and either Proarte Ease Liner Brush or Tight Liner Brush. Pick some mascara from the mascara brush head and start creating wings as you normally would, using either of the two Proarte eyeliner brushes.

Setting spray to intensify pigment

We all have that moment when we decide on an eyeshadow colour that is in perfect contrast to the outfit and goes well with the rest of your makeup. But reality sets in when you swipe the eyeshadow onto the lids and somehow the pigment has either disappeared or looks extremely underwhelming. The trick is to wet your brush with a setting spray to allow the pigment to hold onto something. Pick any Proarte eyeshadow brushes like the Eye Lid Applicator and wet it with some setting spray, dip the wet brush in the eyeshadow and directly apply onto the lids. The results will shock you and you will never use a dry brush again.

The secret to fuller lips

Nothing like a pair of plump lips to turn your festive makeup game around. If you want to fake fuller lips, then keep a light coloured eyeshadow handy, you’ll need it for this trick. Start out by outlining your lips with a lip pencil (Choose from Proarte’s wide range of Lip pencils) Apply pale frosted eyeshadow right at the center of your upper and lower lips. Blend it out using Proarte Retractable Lip Brush and fill the lips in with a good lipstick or choose from Proarte Lip Crayons.

3 Stand Out Makeup looks For The Upcoming Festive Season

While everyone will be playing it safe with smoky and neutrals, you can turn the spotlight around you by experimenting with your makeup looks. Whether you’re looking to go crazy with neon’s or a little overboard with metallic’s, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out 3 never before seen festive makeup looks that are sure to make you stand out of the crowd.

Duo toned lips

Duo Toned Lips

Duo tone is a fun trend that became a major hit a few years ago. You’ve probably seen it, from hair to nails to outfits. But we’re going to focus on the lip look that anyone can rock this festive season. You just need two lipsticks that fade from dark to light. To get the ombre effect on your lips, you simply layer a darker shade lip color using Proarte Pro Lip Precision Brush then move on to a lighter lip shade, to give it a gradient effect that will make your lips look trendy and plumped up.



Just like duo tones, neon has been around for years but it is only now that it is earning it’s reputation in makeup. But still, it is only limited to the faces of beauty gurus on youtube, runway models or red carpet celebrities but hardly ever does anyone dare to wear this bold makeup trend in the real world. And that’s exactly why we’re recommending this look to you for the upcoming festive season. It’s bold, bright and makes you stand out of the crowd. Now neon pigments can be tricky and you need the right eye brushes to ace this trend. Choose from a wide range of Proarte eye brushes according to your makeup needs and don’t hesitate to go ham with your neons.

Metallic accents

Metallic Accents

If your inner goddess isn’t about the subtle mattes and neutral smokeys, then don’t hold back. Pick bold metallic colours like bronze, gold or silver, from Proarte’s Eye Gel Pencil Collection and smudge it across your eyes using cream shadow brush for a dramatic effect.

Do’s, don’ts and how to’s of highlighter

Strobing, highlighting, bathing in the dust of a thousand angelic fairies – call it what you want, this bright and dewy makeup trend has taken over the beauty world. But there are a handful of highlighter mistakes you may be making that could be the reason you think this trend isn’t working for you.

A great highlight is made to look dewy, not oily. It grabs attention, instead of spotlighting something you’d rather hide, like a scar or an uneven skin texture. But if you’re having trouble achieving a perfect sparkling highlight that looks great on you, you may be making some serious highlighter mistakes.

Below are some common strobing snafus and how to avoid them.

Choose a shade that matches your skin tone

There is a possibility you may be using a highlighter shade that is too light for your skin. There are all kinds of highlighter shades on the market, some with peachy, pinky, bronze or white undertones. If you are pale-skinned pinks will look gorgeous on you. If you are medium, peachy highlighters are perfect and if you have dark skin, you should rock peach to bronze highlights. As long as the powder or cream is two to three shades lighter than your foundation, you are good to go.

Don’t highlight everything

You tried the highlight trend, only to find every pore of your face visible? You may be highlighting in the wrong area. If you love the highlighted look, but often get an uneven texture on the tops of your cheeks, you have to skip highlighting in that area. Instead, highlight your cupid’s bow, nose, chin, and above the brow bone. If there’s a particular area you have trouble in (let’s say, you hate the bridge of your nose) then definitely skip highlighting that area. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to. Find the highlight area that looks best on you and forget the rest!

Use the right tools

If you’re looking for a perfect highlight on your face using the right tool at the right place does the trick. For anything other than liquid, you’ll need a tool to work the product into your skin. For powders, pick up a LargeFan Brush (PF10) for diffused and blended application on cheeks and your collar bone. The small fan brush (PF09) helps in controlled application as it has fewer hair and has a perfectly fanned out head that places the right amount of product on the bridge of the nose, centre of the forehead and cupid’s bow. For the inner corner of your eyes and your brow bone, you need a brush with a finer head. The Smudging Smokey Liner Brush (PE29) has a soft point tip that’s perfect for highlighting the inner corners and brow bones.

On the other hand if you’re gravitating towards cream or liquid highlighters, a beauty sponge is your best bet. Choose Proarte’s Strobe & Blend to beautifully blend in cream and liquid formulations onto your cheekbones and other highlight areas.

How to create: 3 scintillating unicorn makeup looks

From cakes to coffees, the unicorn trend is everywhere! While unicorn nails and unicorn hair have already graced the beauty block, unicorn makeup is the newest trend to hit the beauty shores and we are definitelyonboard!

Read on as we tell you how to get the look and share the many versions of the unicorn makeup trend below.

Monochrome Unicorn


What’s better than a unicorn makeup look? A monochrome unicorn. Use a combination of pastel pink shadows for your eyes, start-off with light pink and blend it using the Proarte Eye Blender Brush. Gradually blend darker shades in the same family using Shadow Blending Brush. Stretch the shadows from your inner corners to the outer and under the lash line using the Proarte Small blender Brush that’s ideal for blending pigments on the hard to reach areas of your face. Pack on some glitter under the eyes using the Flat Blending Brush. Pop on a pair of Proarte Eyelashes to finish off the eye look. Use the Proarte Quick Silver eye gel pencil to create glitter freckles on and around your nose. Lastly, use a monochromatic pastel lip color for your lips.

Unicorn wings


Give your black winged eyeliner a backseat, because unicorn wings are here to steal the show. Start off with a bright pastel pink shadow all across your lids using Eyelid Applicator Brush. Blend it further using Eye Blender Brush and use the Smudging Smokey Liner Brush to pack in a little bit of blue on the inner corners of your eyes. Now add star shaped glitter particles on the outer corner of your eyes. Next use Proarte’s fine liner brush to create an open-winged green eyeliner along the crease line of your lids and stretch the wings outwards. Use Proarte’s Brow filler brush to shape and fill in the brows with a purple shade.

Halo Unicorn


The only thing that can amp up a unicorn makeup look is a halo eye-makeup with a touch of holo on top. Start-off with a purple shadow base using Eyelid Applicator Brush. Now use a Flat Blending Brush to blend a darker shade of purple on the outer corner of the eyes. Take some holographic highlighter or eye shadow and add it in the middle of your lids using the Small Blender Brush. Next, use the Proarte Matte Liquid Eye Liner and create short but sharp wings. Grab a pair of Proarte Eyelashes and pop them on your lids. Now use Proarte’s Fan Brush and highlight all the highpoints of your face. Lastly, fill in the lips using a glossy nude pink lip colour.

Try to replicate one of these high drama unicorn looks and don’t forget to share them with us

Trend forecast 2019 – Part 2

In our previous blog we discussed the two hottest makeup trends of 2019 – neon and color pop eyes. But two ain’t enough for the whole year, now is it? That is why we thought of bringing you more to help you stay on-board the trend ship. Read on to find out a few more summer makeup trends that you should definitely give a go this year.

Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

Forget matte, the spring/ summer 2019 beauty trends are all about glowing skin, shining healthfully with a natural gleam. This season cheekbones and foreheads were highlighted softly, but not with powder highlighters. Makeup artists preferred a touch of liquid or cream luminizer to give a more natural sheen.

Elongated Eyeshadow

Elongated Eyeshadow

This trend gives a nod to the legend that is Amy Winehouse and her iconic eyeliner. The year 2019 will bring dramatic, elongated eyeshadows in traditional liner shapes to the forefront. And we’re here for this sultry, badass beauty look. To recreate this iconic eyeline, we recommend the Proarte eye matte liner or the eye gel pencils that will surely do justice to this look.



Monotone make-up is one of the biggest trends for 2019. If you think of 50 shades of grey, this is 50 shades of complexion. It’s about taking a colour, it can be a soft taupey brown, then using a similar colour on the lips, using a blusher that’s in the same family, and using an eyeshadow that’s in the same shade range as well. And since the Pantone colour of 2018 made violet a wearable colour for the face, purple too could be your go to for a monochrome makeup look.

Trend forecast 2019

We all have a deep appreciation for makeup, and we’re excited to show-and-tell the aspirational beauty looks we’ve been eyeing and suspect to be everyone’s vibe this year. From monochromatic makeup to glowing skin, these are the makeup looks every It-Girl will be wearing this year.



Neon eyes are a good way to embrace color with open arms. If you could use the same school supply highlighters you mark up your textbooks with as a liner, you’d get a neon eye makeup look that’s blowing up on Instagram. But don’t worry, we aren’t really telling you to dig into your stationery box. Just take any bright neon eyeshadows and pop it on your eyes using Proarte eye brushes. The best part about playing around with neons is that you don’t really need a transition shade or a crease shade or basically 10 different eyeshadows and brushes to achieve the desired look. All you need is one good neon shade and one good brush to do the job for you.

Color pop

Color pop

Put down that boring neutral palette, and pick up a pop of color. Start with your eyes. Test the waterline with a bold colored eye gel pencil. You could also pop on a colorful mascara that’s in the same shade family as your liner to make the color standout. Also, don’t be afraid to really turn the color up and commit to a fun new shade..

Stay tuned for more trends on our next blog.

Bridal makeup looks to make you stand out

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day, but picking the right kind of makeup look can be daunting. Amongst all the nervousness and stress you still have to look your best for the photographs because there’s no other day in your life perhaps when you will be photographed as much as your wedding day! Here’s are some makeup looks how to stand out from the crowd.

Monochrome bronze

Monochrome bronze

Wedding makeup tips can never be complete without some generous use of our beloved bronze, can they? Pop on some bronze colour eyeshadow on your lids with maybe a Proarte Brilliant Bronze Eye Gel Pencil, something that’s metallic is even better. Use a similar shade to that of your eye shadow for your lips and add a little shimmery gloss on top to make the bronze lips show up.

Berry on the top

Berry on the top

A deep coloured lip such as a berry shade like Proarte Plum Passion has an Old Hollywood spin, especially when your attire too has a vintage touch to it. So if you’re digging that retro twist, a dark berry colour is going to be perfect for your lips!

It’s raining glitter

It’s raining glitter

If you’re going for a glittery eye-makeup then choose gold. It’s a color of the royals and is bold enough to make a statement. Pair this look with either bright lip colors like Proarte Lady in Red, Proarte Fuchsia Bite or something subtle like a nude shade like Proarte Brownie Pout. Whatever you choose for your lips, the star of your makeup is going to be your eyes anyway.

Smokey with a nude

Smokey with a nude

Dusky brides look great with smokey eyes when done right, and black smokey eyes with nude matte lips is another gorgeous look to go, for your wedding day! Choosing a pair of falsies from the Proarte range of Eye Lashes help take the smokey eyes to another level altogether which looks super glam!

Recreate Wearable Runway Looks

Bright bursts of neon yellow eye shadow, oversized lashes, pale brows… the list of enviable runway makeup looks are endless, really. And while many of us may be lauding Bella Hadid’s ability to pull off rounded liner (what?!), the thought of us trying out these looks for ourselves seems impossible. Not unless we want to attract stares all day, or will we? Are runway makeup looks really that far out of the realm of possibility for us normal folk? And is it possible to make them more wearable for a modern, day-to-day look? Well, that’s what we’re here to do this time. Read on to find out some totally wearable runway looks for you to strut on the streets.

Graphic Smokey Graphic Smokey

Conventional wisdom holds that a smoky eye should be created with a black eye shadow – but nothing about this look is conventional. For this, use the Proarte navy eye gel pencil to drag a line along your lash line and the crease of your eyelids. Take the Proarte smudging Smokey liner brush and smoke out the eyeliner in inwards direction. And there you have it, a unique Smokey eye look that is totally wearable outside a fashion show event.

Doublewinged Eyeliner Doublewinged Eyeliner

It’s time to trust your creative instinct and trace those gorgeous eyes with some black eyeliner. Pump up those lashes with a black mascara, grab the Proarte Matte Eyeliner, and create the basic winged eyeliner. For the lower lash line, use Proarte’s smo-kohl pencil and wing it out but keep it parallel to your previously created wing and that’s it, an easy to create look runway ready eye-look.

Vivid Wings Vivid Wings

If you are one of those who love experimenting with colors then don’t shy away from a full commitment to colored lids. To give this look a little edge, create a fine line with Proarte Matte eyeliner, then grab the emerald eye gel pencil and carefully create a thick wing that covers your entire lid. This look is as edgy as it is elegant, giving you the precision and definition you need for glamorous night out.

Blurry Lips Blurry Lips

Do you like how a raspberry Popsicle leaves a nice tint on your lips? Well, guess what? That’s a runway makeup trend now. What’s more is you only need a handful of lip products to achieve this tinted-lips effect. Start off in the center of your lips with Proarte’s lip crayon in plum passion and use the mauve crush lip crayon for the outline. Now, with the help of Proarte’s pro lip precision brush, blend in the two colours for a faded-out blurry lip look.