10 make-up trends of 2021

Make-up trends have evolved and changed in the last two years to a whole new level. There is definitely a complete revamp of beauty trends in this decade. The bold rock looks and crystals shades are turning to nudes and earthy colours. The advent of unique beauty tools and an affordable range of cosmetics are taking over the beauty industry. To give you more insight on the same, we have mentioned the top 10 make-up trends of 2021 in this article. So, keep reading!

Fuller Brows

Having fuller brows has become one of the most desired features in women. Simply trimming the excess hair to create a thick and fuller brow has become more appealing than thinner brows. An excellent Eyebrow Pencil will help in creating long-lasting high pigmented, fuller brows.

Earthy Eyeshadow

The use of colourful and quirky eyeshadow style is long gone. Most women dearly prefer neutral earthy Eyeshadow tones. As it suits all kinds of skin tones and textures, it is widely preferred for every occasion, which has made it one of the top make-up trends of 2021.

Bold Kohl Eyes

Another evergreen look is the Bold Kohl Eyes. Nothing can give more definition and sleek look to your eyes than a deep pigmented Kohl. Using it to define your lower lash line will give you more intensified eyes and go well with traditional and modern outfits.

Foxy Eyelashes

The Foxy Eyelash trend is the most popular and noteworthy. The voluminous lash look accentuates and highlights your eyes by creating a gorgeous appearance. You can also opt for eyelash extensions or just go with the natural look per your lash thickness. A must-have tool to create this look is an Eyelash Curler. With the help of this tool, you can effortlessly get dramatic foxy lashes.

Subtle Blush

Using Blush to give a more cherry and rosier tint to the cheeks is another desired make-up trend among women in 2021. When used in the perfect way, Blush gives you the ideal lift to your face. More shades of Blushes are available in the market, but the subtle rose tone blush is the most preferred one.

Nude Mauve Lips

Another attractive make-up trends are mauve lips. The combination of subtle mauve with the satin-matte finish gives you the plumpest and fuller lips look. You can use the Mauve Crush Lip Crayon, which is the perfect nude and mauve shade that adores all skin tones. One of the best highlights of using subtle lip shades is that it goes well with most coloured outfits.

Colour corrector before concealer

Another trend that has changed the beauty industry is using colour correctors before the concealer. Most of the time, concealer alone cannot give the perfect coverage. That is where the colour corrector helps. It evens out the pigment and makes the job easy for the concealer. This wonderful hack has saved a lot of effort and time in getting the desired smooth finish.

Face edge Contouring

Contouring the edges of your face will give you the most attractive jawline, and chiselled face look. It adds more definition to your face and makes you look fantabulous and attractive than ever. For people with double chin, face edge contouring is a lifesaver.

Soft Glam make-up look

The Soft glam make-up look is definitely a show stealer of all seasons. Be it an evening party, festive occasion, or anniversary; you can effortlessly flaunt this make-up look as it is very easy to create. It gives you a shiny-dewy finish and makes you look radiant by bringing out the natural glow.

Highlighting the correct angles

Highlighting the correct angles of your face will make you look photo-perfect. By rocking this make-up trend, you do not have to be worried about your perfect angles and can be photo ready all the time.