10 Best Makeup Brushes to help you flaunt that Desired Look

Ever wondered how to ace that perfect look that makes you the cynosure of all eyes?  Look no further! We at Proarte have a wide range of accessories that can help you step out with your best foot forward. To get amazing results with makeup, it’s a no-brainer that you need the right Professional Makeup Brushes in your kitty. Confused about what to get? Don’t be. We have listed below a quick guide on 10 different types of Best Makeup Brushes and their uses.

  • PF-01 Dab on Concealer Brush: Are you worried about the proper application of a concealer? Zero in on this Dab on Concealer Brush that comes with a thin, tapered, flat brush head. This is ideal for dabbing on a concealer on smaller concentrated areas such as around the lip, under the eyes, or around the nose.

  • PF-02 Mini Foundation Brush: This brush is designed for applying a liquid or cream foundation of your choice. It comes with fine bristles that are tightly packed into a narrow brush head. Choose this brush for wide and smooth coverage.

  • PF-06 Powder Brush: Vital among Professional Makeup Brushes, this soft and fluffy brush comes with blended fibers and flat sides. Just glide it on your face to contour it with a good setting powder and there, you are a step closer to getting the look of your choice.

  • PF-55 Blush Brush: If you want to get that healthy flush and instant glow, use this ultra-soft and fluffy Blush Brush that comes with slightly slanted edges. Designed to create magic with precision it is perfect for applying powder formula products such as blush on the cheekbones or an all over powder.

  • PE-19 Small Blender Brush: Want to get salon-like looks right from the comfort of your home? Use this Small Blender Brush that comes with a short, small rounded head. It is ideal for smudging and blending cream products either on the face or the upper and lower lash line for a smokey or softened effect.

  • PE-22 Shadow Blending Brush: One of the Best Makeup Brushes to get astounding effects for your eyes, the Shadow Blending Brush comes with a round, dome-shaped soft brush head. Pick it up and blend two or more colors of your choice into the crease for a diffused effect.

  • PE-28 Gel/Liquid Liner Applicator Brush: To rock any party, dress up your eyes with the looks that are in vogue. The small and steeply angled brush is perfect for all eye shapes and is designed to be handled with accuracy and control. It is your best friend for an even liner application, to fill in, and create the perfect ombre eyebrows.

  • PE-59 2 in 1 Angled Eye and Lip Brush: An absolute delight, this tool comes with a unique bent ferrule that helps you apply gel, liquid, or powder products on the lash or lip line. With this handy assistant you can nail that perfect angle needed to get a natural eye shape or to fill the lip crease.

  • PE-33 Mascara Brush: Flutter your eyelashes with a carefree abandon after applying mascara with the help of the Mascara Brush. An absolute must, it comes with a twirl brush head to groom the eyelashes and to avoid clumping up after mascara application. Keep this trick up your sleeve to achieve perfection and fabulous results.

  • PL-37 Retractable Lip Brush: An ace among Professional Makeup Brushes, the Lip Brush is ideal to sculpt a flawless lip line. It comes with a rounded and firm tip for controlled application of gloss or color. Wield it to shape and contour the lips to achieve that perfect pout with ease.

Whether you are a pro makeup artist or a novice beginner, we have all the Best Makeup Brushes at hand to help you get that flawless finish. So, what are you waiting for? Start having fun with these essentials tools. They are the secret behind applying any product with finesse and ease. In all, these brushes are nothing less than a savior to help you get your perfect desired look.

Makeup Brushes Guide – How to Use Eye and Face Makeup Brushes for Beginners?

The secret to flawless makeup lies in creating a clean canvas of base and using the best makeup brushes can surely help you crack that deal. Makeup brushes not only provide you ease in the application of any product but also give you that airbrush like finish look. Good Makeup brushes for beginners are an absolute savior as they help newbies in the makeup world to create perfect looks with absolute convenience. We at Proarte have created a guide for all the beginners on – What to use from the best makeup brushes available in the market to achieve amazing results. The right Face makeup brushes in your kitty will help you sport a look of your choice every time you step out. For a headstart, use a primer for proper moisturizing and getting your makeup to last long. This step is vital before you begin applying the foundation. To achieve that professional like touch that you are keen on, choose Proarte’s AF-03 Pro Foundation Brush for a radiant marble-like finish to your foundation. Are you concerned about those spots or uneven shades on your face? Just set your worries aside and ace the game with a neutralizer for effective color correction. You can follow this with a good concealer that can be chosen according to your skin type. Proarte’s PF-13 All over Concealer brush is your best friend when it comes to concealing blemishes, either with cream or powder products. A good blush gives you an instant glow and lends a healthy flush to your cheeks. All you need is a proper blush brush to apply it and voila! With PF55 Blush Brush Your job is done! Blending your bronzers and highlighting your cheekbones is a cakewalk if you have your hands on our variety of contour brushes to suit your style starting from AF54 cheek hug brush to AF11 precision contour brush, you have the best face makeup brushes for your kit. The final finishing touch for an awesome flawless look can be achieved by applying a setting powder. To get your desired look, keep Proarte’s PF-06 Powder Brush handy in your make up kit. So you see, Face makeup brushes are nothing less than a boon for beginners in achieving that professional touch. Perfectly chosen Eye make-up brushes for beginners serve as the handiest tools to learn the tricks of eye make-up. Fabulous tools like Proarte’s AE-24 Eye Blender Brush, with its soft rounded brush head, precisely blends colors in your crease, thereby giving your eyes, a diffused look. Sounds fun, right? You can rock your party makeup with a smoky eye look using a shadow blending brush like Proarte’s PE22 to get professional makeup results, right at home. If you are looking for eye shadow brushes that give you the most smoldering and smoky eyes then PE29 smudging smoky liner brush is your dear friend! Applying powder & creamy eye shadows becomes super easy if you have your hands on our AE26 cream eyeshadow brush and PE19 small blender brush, these are some of our amazing eye shadow brushes. A small angular brush is an absolute must have when it comes to getting that flick just right! The most in trend of the cat-eyed look can be easily achieved with the help of a Proarte’s PE-27 Small Angular Liner Brush that gives you smooth controlled and even application of your eyeliner. The cut- crease look is also being currently seen on runways and you can achieve clean lines in the crease with help of our PE30 fine liner brush and then can give it a diffused finish with PE20 crease marking blender brush. With your hands on the right and well-curated eye makeup brushes, getting that perfect finish with a professional touch is absolutely achievable for you! Still waiting? Grab a set of these face makeup brushes and eye makeup brushes and have fun with makeup!

A Guide to Clean Makeup Brushes and Sponges at Home

A well-known fact is that Makeup Brushes and Makeup Sponges are essential and vital tools for applying cosmetics. To get the look that you covet with finesse and ease requires having the right Makeup Brush in your kitty. However, the time, money, and effort invested in procuring them go in vain if you do not maintain them properly. Why? The answer is simple. The residue of old cosmetics persists in the fine bristles and pores of used brushes and sponges. Along with sweat, oil, and grime, it becomes a very fertile ground for bacteria to grow. Just imagine using the same to get that look you want!!!! These brushes not only act as a medium to transfer them to your face leading to acne and breakouts but unclean brushes also lead to patchy application and do not help in smooth blending. Now the question does arise, How to prevent this from happening? What are the simple ways to clean them effectively? How often does it have to be done? Well, look no further. We have put together a few pointers stepwise that you can follow with ease and from the comfort of your home too.

1) Wet the Makeup Sponges and Brushes:

  • You can place the Makeup Brushes and sponges under running tap water until they are fully soaked.

  • The water can be lukewarm but you definitely do not want it to be too cold or hot lest they get spoiled.

  • Take care to ensure that the Makeup Brush is with its head down so that the water does not go directly into the base of the bristles. This will prevent damage to the brush and ensure that it lasts long.

2) Use a shampoo, cleanser or mild soap to clean:

  • Take a small amount of your regular shampoo, facial cleanser, or mild liquid soap in your palm.

  • Using a bar of soap to clean may not be such a great idea as it would have to be rubbed against the brushes and sponges thereby causing undue pressure to them.

  • After taking the cleaning agent in your palm, gently rub them into the sponge and brush.

  • It is a good idea to use only one sponge or brush at a time so that the cleansing process is focused and effective.

  • Gently massage the bristles of your Makeup Brushes with the love and care they deserve

  • Round Makeup Sponges can be cleansed from inside out i.e. Place them on the palm of one hand and with the fingertips of your other hand start cleaning them from the center and go outwards with a slow, concentric, circular motion.

  • Makeup Sponge Puff can be carefully rubbed with the cleaning product from the base to the tip so that their shape is maintained.

  • The above steps will help loosen the debris of the old makeup products.

3) Rinse and repeat the above process:

  • Rinse the brushes and sponges under running tap water.

  • An effective cleaning requires that you repeat the above steps a few more times until the water after washing them becomes clear.

  • Give the Makeup Sponges a gentle squeeze every time so that you remove all the soap suds.

  • The Makeup Brushes can be gently shaken in between the rinses.

4) Drying the makeup tools:

  • Drying the brushes and sponges is an important part of the cleaning process. If done right, it will work wonders in increasing their lifespan.

  • Press the Makeup Brush gently against a clean, dry towel. This will help to soak the excess water. Do not forget to reshape the bristles with your fingertips into their original form and lay them flat overnight to dry.

  • Alternatively, you can follow this handy tip- Keep the brushes to dry with the bristles hanging off the edge of a counter. This allows them to dry while retaining the correct shape.

  • A word of caution here. Do not dry them in an upright position. This causes water to collect into the base potentially damaging them.

  • Drying the Makeup Sponges is very simple. Wring out the excess water and pat them dry on a clean towel.

  • Round Makeup Sponges and Makeup Sponge Puff can be kept in between the folds of the towel and then gently press with your palms.

  • Do remember the brushes and sponges have to be airdried. How do you ensure this? That’s very simple. Just keeping them overnight in a well-ventilated area will suffice.

So you see, taking care of the tools that help to give you your perfect look is both easy as well as convenient. It just requires a wee bit of planning and discipline. Do follow the above routine once a week. Schedule a specific time in your weekly calendar and stick to it. Investing time regularly goes a long way in ensuring that your Makeup Brush and Makeup Sponges last long, are hygienic, and help you achieve the look of your dreams.