Easy Makeup ideas while wearing a face mask.

The worldwide pandemic has brought about a shift to a new lifestyle for all of us. It has also changed the way we now dress and apply our makeup. One may wonder what is the use of makeup when we have to wear a mask. Well, while wearing all the protective face mask, we thought about how you can flaunt your makeup.

So, here’s how: Use makeup on the visible parts of the face. The eye area is not covered, so it would be a good idea to focus on the eyes while keeping the base light.

A great way to lightly highlight your eyes would be to use colourful eye pencils. From black to blue to the green and brown, these colours will help you create a natural, vibrant or bold look.

To give your eyes that look natural, apply a single coat of lengthening mascara or for a more dramatic look, choose a mascara that adds both, lengthens and volume. Use a mascara brush that comes with a twirl brush head so that you can comb through lashes to avoid clumping up after mascara application.

To enhance your natural beauty transition your look by wearing false eyelashes. It will decrease your daily routine and enhance your eyes that may add length, style or volume. Accentuate a cool and trendy look or spruce up a demure and casual appearance with just the right falsies.

Carry a natural, stylish or uber glamourous, looking your best while you wear the protective face mask. Stay Stylish, Stay Safe.