2 Super Easy Halloween Looks for Beginners

It is that time of the year again. Your social media will be bustling with extremely artsy, deeply creepy and crazy beautiful Halloween makeup looks that literally belong in an art gallery. But if you’re looking for something that is easy to achieve and still makes you stand out from the crowd, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together 2 uncomplicated and eerie makeup looks for the spooky season that are beginner friendly and don’t need a hundred attempts to get right.

Webbed Masque

Webbed Masque The best part about this makeup is that you paint the mask on, which will definitely fetch you more compliments than just putting on a store bought mask. To achieve this artsy yet spooky look, you need to start by outlining your eyes with a black eye liner, try Proarte Black Eye Gel Pencil. Swipe it across your upper lash line (don’t forget to tight line), across the lids and on your lower lash line (you can also smoke it out a bit using Proarte Smudging Smokey Liner Brush). Now, comes the tricky part- the mask. Take the Proarte Gel/Liquid Liner Applicator Brush and a good gel liner, you can also try using Proarte Eye Matte Liner. Create criss-cross strokes starting from the cheeks to a few inches above your brows. Take your time with this one and make sure to get the strokes right. Try not to create the stroke too close to each other otherwise you will lose the webbed effect and you will be left with a diamond shaped black mess around your eyes.

Mystic Magic

Mystic Magic A little unicorn dust never hurt anyone, right? This Halloween makeup look is perfect for anyone who isn’t into blood and guts and wants to explore the mystical and magical side of the spooky season. You are going to need a lot of highlighter, a pastel eye shadow palette, a handful of rhinestones and a few good quality makeup brushes. Starting with the eyes, take a soft hued purple eye shadow or try using Proarte Violet Gem eye gel pencil and apply it on the lids using Eye Blender Brush. Use the same shade on your lower lash line using Proarte’s Small Blender Brush. Now, take a rosy pink shade of blush and apply just below your cheekbones and all around your forehead and make sure you blend it nicely. Now take a reflective shade of highlighter and apply it on your cheekbones and on your forehead, just above your brows using Proarte Large Fan Brush. Don’t be ashamed to go a little overboard with this look because that’s what this dreamy look is all about.

3 Makeup Hacks for the festive season

You picked out your outfit, got the accessories in place, even your hair is behaving before the event, now the last thing (mostly the tricky one) left for you to tackle is your makeup. From uneven wings to underwhelming eyeshadow, anything can go wrong when you’re in a hurry. But fret not, we have put together 3 super easy makeup hacks that might come in handy to help you look your best for all your ongoing festive parties.

Mascara as liner

Nothing is as terrifying as to find a dried out eyeliner pen in the midst of your makeup session, is it?But don’t just panic yet. Simply grab your mascara and either Proarte Ease Liner Brush or Tight Liner Brush. Pick some mascara from the mascara brush head and start creating wings as you normally would, using either of the two Proarte eyeliner brushes.

Setting spray to intensify pigment

We all have that moment when we decide on an eyeshadow colour that is in perfect contrast to the outfit and goes well with the rest of your makeup. But reality sets in when you swipe the eyeshadow onto the lids and somehow the pigment has either disappeared or looks extremely underwhelming. The trick is to wet your brush with a setting spray to allow the pigment to hold onto something. Pick any Proarte eyeshadow brushes like the Eye Lid Applicator and wet it with some setting spray, dip the wet brush in the eyeshadow and directly apply onto the lids. The results will shock you and you will never use a dry brush again.

The secret to fuller lips

Nothing like a pair of plump lips to turn your festive makeup game around. If you want to fake fuller lips, then keep a light coloured eyeshadow handy, you’ll need it for this trick. Start out by outlining your lips with a lip pencil (Choose from Proarte’s wide range of Lip pencils) Apply pale frosted eyeshadow right at the center of your upper and lower lips. Blend it out using Proarte Retractable Lip Brush and fill the lips in with a good lipstick or choose from Proarte Lip Crayons.