How to create: 3 scintillating unicorn makeup looks

From cakes to coffees, the unicorn trend is everywhere! While unicorn nails and unicorn hair have already graced the beauty block, unicorn makeup is the newest trend to hit the beauty shores and we are definitelyonboard!

Read on as we tell you how to get the look and share the many versions of the unicorn makeup trend below.

Monochrome Unicorn


What’s better than a unicorn makeup look? A monochrome unicorn. Use a combination of pastel pink shadows for your eyes, start-off with light pink and blend it using the Proarte Eye Blender Brush. Gradually blend darker shades in the same family using Shadow Blending Brush. Stretch the shadows from your inner corners to the outer and under the lash line using the Proarte Small blender Brush that’s ideal for blending pigments on the hard to reach areas of your face. Pack on some glitter under the eyes using the Flat Blending Brush. Pop on a pair of Proarte Eyelashes to finish off the eye look. Use the Proarte Quick Silver eye gel pencil to create glitter freckles on and around your nose. Lastly, use a monochromatic pastel lip color for your lips.

Unicorn wings


Give your black winged eyeliner a backseat, because unicorn wings are here to steal the show. Start off with a bright pastel pink shadow all across your lids using Eyelid Applicator Brush. Blend it further using Eye Blender Brush and use the Smudging Smokey Liner Brush to pack in a little bit of blue on the inner corners of your eyes. Now add star shaped glitter particles on the outer corner of your eyes. Next use Proarte’s fine liner brush to create an open-winged green eyeliner along the crease line of your lids and stretch the wings outwards. Use Proarte’s Brow filler brush to shape and fill in the brows with a purple shade.

Halo Unicorn


The only thing that can amp up a unicorn makeup look is a halo eye-makeup with a touch of holo on top. Start-off with a purple shadow base using Eyelid Applicator Brush. Now use a Flat Blending Brush to blend a darker shade of purple on the outer corner of the eyes. Take some holographic highlighter or eye shadow and add it in the middle of your lids using the Small Blender Brush. Next, use the Proarte Matte Liquid Eye Liner and create short but sharp wings. Grab a pair of Proarte Eyelashes and pop them on your lids. Now use Proarte’s Fan Brush and highlight all the highpoints of your face. Lastly, fill in the lips using a glossy nude pink lip colour.

Try to replicate one of these high drama unicorn looks and don’t forget to share them with us