Trend forecast 2019

We all have a deep appreciation for makeup, and we’re excited to show-and-tell the aspirational beauty looks we’ve been eyeing and suspect to be everyone’s vibe this year. From monochromatic makeup to glowing skin, these are the makeup looks every It-Girl will be wearing this year.


Neon Neon eyes are a good way to embrace color with open arms. If you could use the same school supply highlighters you mark up your textbooks with as a liner, you’d get a neon eye makeup look that’s blowing up on Instagram. But don’t worry, we aren’t really telling you to dig into your stationery box. Just take any bright neon eyeshadows and pop it on your eyes using Proarte eye brushes. The best part about playing around with neons is that you don’t really need a transition shade or a crease shade or basically 10 different eyeshadows and brushes to achieve the desired look. All you need is one good neon shade and one good brush to do the job for you.

Color pop

Color pop Put down that boring neutral palette, and pick up a pop of color. Start with your eyes. Test the waterline with a bold colored eye gel pencil. You could also pop on a colorful mascara that’s in the same shade family as your liner to make the color standout. Also, don’t be afraid to really turn the color up and commit to a fun new shade.. Stay tuned for more trends on our next blog.