Recreate Wearable Runway Looks

Bright bursts of neon yellow eye shadow, oversized lashes, pale brows… the list of enviable runway makeup looks are endless, really. And while many of us may be lauding Bella Hadid’s ability to pull off rounded liner (what?!), the thought of us trying out these looks for ourselves seems impossible. Not unless we want to attract stares all day, or will we? Are runway makeup looks really that far out of the realm of possibility for us normal folk? And is it possible to make them more wearable for a modern, day-to-day look? Well, that’s what we’re here to do this time. Read on to find out some totally wearable runway looks for you to strut on the streets. Graphic Smokey Graphic Smokey Conventional wisdom holds that a smoky eye should be created with a black eye shadow – but nothing about this look is conventional. For this, use the Proarte navy eye gel pencil to drag a line along your lash line and the crease of your eyelids. Take the Proarte smudging Smokey liner brush and smoke out the eyeliner in inwards direction. And there you have it, a unique Smokey eye look that is totally wearable outside a fashion show event. Doublewinged Eyeliner Doublewinged Eyeliner It’s time to trust your creative instinct and trace those gorgeous eyes with some black eyeliner. Pump up those lashes with a black mascara, grab the Proarte Matte Eyeliner, and create the basic winged eyeliner. For the lower lash line, use Proarte’s smo-kohl pencil and wing it out but keep it parallel to your previously created wing and that’s it, an easy to create look runway ready eye-look. Vivid Wings Vivid Wings If you are one of those who love experimenting with colors then don’t shy away from a full commitment to colored lids. To give this look a little edge, create a fine line with Proarte Matte eyeliner, then grab the emerald eye gel pencil and carefully create a thick wing that covers your entire lid. This look is as edgy as it is elegant, giving you the precision and definition you need for glamorous night out. Blurry Lips Blurry Lips Do you like how a raspberry Popsicle leaves a nice tint on your lips? Well, guess what? That’s a runway makeup trend now. What’s more is you only need a handful of lip products to achieve this tinted-lips effect. Start off in the center of your lips with Proarte’s lip crayon in plum passion and use the mauve crush lip crayon for the outline. Now, with the help of Proarte’s pro lip precision brush, blend in the two colours for a faded-out blurry lip look.