The six makeup brushes you can’t do without!

Unless you’re a trained makeup artist or have watched more than a few YouTube beauty tutorials in your spare time, makeup brushes can be a bit tricky to decode. Not only do they come in a wide range of sizes, but also different bristle shapes, lengths, and density.

While the trend du jour may be a quick, easy application using your fingers, some looks require a brush to get your makeup just right. These backbones of your beauty bag will allow you to create everything from a ‘Dare to Bare’ face to a red carpet contour, and while the makeup brush aisle can often feel overwhelming, we’re here to curb your confusion.

The foundation brush

A flawless foundation application is one of the most important steps in your makeup routine as it sets the tone (literally) for your entire look. Which is why this brush is one you simply cannot do without. Use it to smooth liquid or cream foundation for a streak-free application. As a start, begin from the middle of your face and blend the product outward to prevent harsh makeup lines around the edge of your face.

The Blush brush

With soft bristles that fit perfectly under your cheekbones, the blush brush is made to effortless enhance your cheeks while also contour without streaking

The Eyeliner brush

Its short, stiff bristles will give you amazing control with cream and gel products. Make sure to hold the brush at an angle (not straight on), and apply the liner with quick strokes.

The Powder brush

The fluffy bristles of a powder brush gives a super smooth application and a diffused, airbrushed look—the perfect tool for bronzer!!

The Eye Shadow brush

The flat brush head is great for sweeping shadow from lashes to brows. Here’s a little tip: Hold it vertically to tap on a little product under your eyes for a fancy lower rim.

The Eye Blending brush

Use this domed brush to shade the creases of your eyes. As an added advantage, you can also use it to blend highlighter along the tops of your cheekbones or the ridge of your upper lip. For a light touch, hold the very end of the handle.

So there you have it! The essentials that no makeup connoisseur should be without. If you’re looking to add these extremely essential makeup brushes to your makeup arsenal, look no further, because PROARTE has it all and more. Check them out!