Eye makeup can be the most stressful part of the makeup process. All you really need is a steady hand, good palettes and Proarte’s quality brushes; we’ll provide you with the technique. So read on as we give you some handy tips, tricks, and guidelines to achieve that seamless, gorgeous eye look that’s perfect for any occasion. On a more important note, make sure to pick a palette that’s versatile enough to be perfect for any occasion, be it every day looks, evening or wedding looks The morning look Let’s just say that we’re focusing on a day look, and for daytime, a matte brown and cream eye with a heavy dose of mascara is always a good option. The application
  • • Start off by picking up a medium brown colour on a fluffy eye shadow blending brush and blend it in the crease for a diffused look.
  • • Next, pick up a dark brown colour and pat it on the outer third of your eyelid using a flat brush for maximum colour payoff. Make sure you use your fluffy blending brush to blend away any harsh lines.
  • • Then pick up a cream or gold colour and pack it on your lid, still using a flat brush. Again, blend away any harsh lines with your blending brush.
  • • Run some dark brown shadow along the bottom lash line with a small eye shadow brush to balance out your look.
  • • Using the lightest shimmery shade in your palette, use your fingers to dab some on your inner corners and on your brow bone for a lifted look.
  • • Lastly, use lots of black mascara on your eyelashes and you’re done!
The Tools Proarte’s professional range of eye makeup brushes are the perfect tools to pull off any eye look effortlessly. To build and complete your entire eye brush collection you will need:
  • Cream eye shadow brush
  • Shadow blending brush
  • Tapered shadow blending brush
  • Small angular liner brush
  • Gel/liquid liner applicator
  • Fine liner brush
  • Eye blender