The perfect guide to applying false eyelashes

Do you really love false lashes, but don’t know how to apply them? Have no fear, our experts are here to show you exactly how. Applying false lashes may look harder than it actually is, but these tips will help you throw on those flawless lashes, making your date night extra glamorous. Step 1 Measure and cut: Place the false lashes without glue to measure the length of your natural eye and cut to your custom fit. step_1 Step 2 Adhesive: Simply trace the lash band with a thin line of adhesive. Wait for at least 30 sec. for the glue to do its work. step_1 Step 3 Apply False Lashes: Starting on the outer corner, place your false lashes right on the lash line. For an eye-lifting effect, place the outer extension slightly above the natural lashline. Also an extra tip for applying false lashes, try not to get too close to the inner corner of your eye. Being too close may give you the effect of possibly looking cross-eyed. step_1 Courtesy: