Makeup tips to roll the years back

Choosing a dark lipstick Lips lose their fullness over time, and dark colours make them look even smaller. Mauves and pinks, on the other hand, highlight lips and a swipe of lip-gloss will plump them up even more. Wearing the wrong colour foundation Foundation that’s too light or dark will look dull and unnatural, not youthful and glowing. To make sure you pick the right colour when you test them out in the store, dab a bit on your face, rather than your hand, which can be a different shade. The colour should match yours even before it’s blended. Skipping your eyebrows Over time, eyebrows become sparser, especially if you have a history of over-tweezing them. Add some definition by filling them in with a product a shade lighter than your natural hair. Another good idea: use lip balm to groom wild eyebrows. Applying your blush to the wrong spot Swirling blush only on the apples of your cheeks leaves you with unnatural, unflattering circles. Applying it too far below the cheekbones, though, can drag down your face, giving a saggy appearance. For a youthful glow, lightly brush it along your cheekbone, starting under the centre of your eye and sweeping upward. Lining the bottom of your eyes Bottom eyeliner makes your eyes look smaller, while top liner opens them up. But beware, harsh lines and dark colours will make your lids look heavy. Apply a soft layer of brown or grey eyeliner to your top outer corner and then blend it out for a brightening effect. Finish by curling and applying mascara to only your top lashes.